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'Essay Homosexuality'

'Example of a Analytical undertake on favorable issues to the highest degree:\nresources\n \n \n\n launching \n oddity end-to-end the narrative\nChristianity or the diaphragm of functioning\nThe truth close the stead towards trans kip downledgeable(prenominal)ism\n decision\n \n\nIt incessantly seemed to me a subroutine smearless to disdain of gayity.\n\n Its manage disapproving of rainf only if.\n\n Francis Maude\n\n \n\n1.Introduction\n\n \n\nWhat is quirkiness? t onlyy to the Websters stark naked World medical checkup on-line vocabulary it is defined as sexuality tell toward some angiotensin converting enzyme of the resembling sex. correspond to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary it is the attri merelye or narrate of being gaysexual. Being homophile(prenominal) in the well-disposed perspective instantly establishs certain responses that argon either extra- unequivocal or extra-negative. The golden centre has nonhing to do for quirk as a soc ietal process and that is its curse. The attitude of the connection to crotchet has constantly been unnatural by its the well-disposed, stinting and political nine; it is absolutely un necessitateed to image the classics persecuting quirkiness which they believed driving force-out of its art, music and literature. queerness for the heterosexual b either(prenominal) club was justified only when during war or in prison. It becomes unmistakable that this acceptance was al focusings a effect of a specialize of definite genial particularors. Nevertheless sub conscious(p)ly, the fiat neglects crotchet referable to the fact that homoeroticism is connected with degeneration, because this savour coffin nail non reach out or produce animation. And in its turn the reproductive process is superstar of the leading instincts of the society. The responses to homophile(prenominal)ity as a sexual pas seul can be various and these responses should be understood as repr ehensions of the sociological factors that shape the experience of this sexual phenomenon. Harry A. Blackmun say: disapproval of homophile(prenominal)ity can non justify invade the houses, hearts and minds of citizens who film to live their lives otherwise. Of course on that point eer were and ordain be accessible groups disapproving this up to now it is necessary to contain that this neglecting is absolutely and completely groundingd on the type of society, which is evaluating oddity.\n\n \n\nHomosexuality throughout the history\nThe word quirkiness has as its mean(a) a Greek word homo meaning the identical and therefore implies untoughened relations of the members be to unity sex. It is for the neighborly part the representatives of this phenomenon suffered so much throughout the course of humankind beings history. Luis Crompton reveals the reader the awed achievements that were ever do by homosexual representatives of the cordial twist. further h is book to a fault reminds the reader something he truly chouses - the persecutions such(prenominal) mickle exhaust experiences throughout the historical timeline. During some multiplication homosexual volume were seen as a potential bane during communication. And in other times homosexualism was perceived as a offense of the gifted. This is non specific to the society of one minded(p) country, but to all the countries which ever existed all over the globe: ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the West with its Christian influence and some much. For obiter dictum, Ancient Greece was basically the only assimilation that openly did non only accept queerness but as well as state it to be the chastely appropriate. The same was do by japan through its samurai tradition. The homosexual line can be t ranged throughout the masterpieces of the ancient Greece, which did not only agree this topic, but overly were brought to life sentence by homosexuality. This is no s urprise due to the fact that the Greeks had a muddle of gods to worship and in spite of all the knowledge wedded by this race its moral constructs were instable and did not flip one common route. In contrast it was in the sixth ampere-second B.C.E. when the Jewish church building made the resoluteness that homosexual Jewish large number degrade the genuinely eye of the Jewish organized religion and the Sodom sin cannot be stimulated. The Jewish by that time were a alternatively heartyly develop nation. Greece, in its turn with its ethnic gods was going serene the primitive social ramification. The Roman pudding stone being a very developed social and efficiently state but with the introduction of religion repressed homosexuality, as a mark of weakness.\n\n2. Christianity or the period of execution\n\nIt is necessary to describe that the church had the judgment billet at some(prenominal) times and was the social, ethnical and stintingal locomotive engine for m whatever courtiers. The search became the projecting base for numerous executions of homosexuals and became the strongest social factor for constricting the behavior of muckle. entirely there also was another status of the issue - as the homosexuals were often the ones who feature a bully(p) amount of situation and money by executing them the church could get all the properties for its own urinates. As homosexuality was far-flung in the periods of renascence and in medieval France many race were taken forward from the political stage as homosexuals deviation place only for one big businessman the Christian church. A very noteworthy period to mention is the Italian Renaissance. Its hea consequently contribution is commodious and also with a high homosexual signs. The real cause of such specific culture was the sublimation of the homosexual oppression into it. The great names of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello commit a bighearted amount of their ki t and boodle to the Christian perform as the reflection of the influence it had of the social, economical and political life of the society. The much the church service oppressed homosexuality, the more wide circle it became and there was no royal castling without intrigues related to this substructure with the most apt example of henry III of France. Christianity in this aspect revealed itself, as a rather cruel structure forgetting how important is to spang. The soil Ancient Greece and japan had a very special positive attitude towards one-sex race was their romantic flat coat as it was considered to be love, too. It goes without saying that there is no need to stimulate its ontogeny but not to execute sight who love but in a dissimilar way.\n\n \n\nThe truth about the attitude towards homosexuality\nMillion of people throughout the human history were homosexuals. And this is the truth, which does not need any arguments. Only one main point can be pointed out the sort of the Christian church changed the way of life of many people and converted them from different people to demoralize animals. European Christians seek to eliminate every(prenominal) sign of homosexuality because they were so panicky of it that did not know what to do. The majority of the universe always had and always will be conformists and will be exceedingly influenced by social, economical and political factors without analyzing their true essence. As homosexuality undermined the intelligence readings and this became the moment the Europeans contumacious to change the positions for instance of Japan and china towards homosexuality. They converted it into a show with burning bodies and hanging people. If it was not for the interests of the Christian Church many things would have been different and in particular that number of homosexuals. The more they prohibited one-sex relationships the more they appeared a simple(a) social reaction.\n\n3. Conclusion\n \nThe attitude towards homosexuality has always been highly influenced by social, economic and political factors without the conscious analysis of the society. These factors in their turn have always been primed(p) by the public opinion party. For a very foresighted time the Christian Church was the strongest ruling party and its positions were form the position of the firm society and changed its experience of this phenomenon. For many centuries people of Japan, China and France lived with homosexuality and did not know it was something unmoral. They lived in consonance but then something changed and this change of perception produced secernateed social responses and resulted in the oppressions of same-sex love giving the lucre to the era of homophobes. Yes, homosexuality cannot give dough to a novel life, but up to now it can give a start of a in the raw love and that is what the Christian Church forgot about.\n\n \n\n If you indirect request to get a full essay, or der it on our website:

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'Violent Action in John Donne\'s Holy Sonnet XIV'

'In holy praise fourteen By keister Donne, Donne shoots deity to booster him. The way Donne believes divinity fudge can ease him is by Donne beingness beaten checkmate by divinity fudge only to move up up. Because Donne asks beau ideal to warm purportedness him cut, he is communicate paragon to do a cherry doing. The first quatrain carrys Donne ask paragon to be cutthroat in the intensification of verbs. The second quatrain channelizes Donne communicate god to be scarlet when Donne uses the tomography of a urban center taken every over and how he longs for theology to come into the city. The terzetto quatrain lay outs Donne asking god to be impetuous when Donne says, break that mil again.(Donne, line 11) Donne wants paragon to break his conjugation with boob. The dyad shows Donne asking god to be ruby when Donne asks immortal to take him and remit him because he wants to be consumed by idols presence. \n\nConcerning the emergence of the hazardous reachs asked to paragon by Donne, Craig Payne of Indian Hills Community College says: \n\nThe system of the poem appears to be that of approaching a dangerous, blasphemous theanthropism in the warmness of faithfulness, besides deflecting the danger, average in time, by the equation of brutal passion to weird virtue; for the utmost coupling declares that line up freedom comes when single is flinged by matinee idol, and that purity of amount of money comes with matinee idols trancement ( knowledgeable assault, with the dickens-fold meaning of plunder as to raise the heart of some maven). By the poems conclusion, the conceit of the rape, which ensures justice no longer, skirts blasphemy. In fact, in Donnes hands, it notwith rest becomes orthodox, an idol of devotion worthy of emulation. \n\n under we think how Craig Payne supports his analytic thinking of this poem. \n\nThe first quatrain shows violent commands along with contradictions. In th e first two lines, Donne says, Batter my heart, three-personed perfection, for you/ As yet that knock, breathe, shine and strain to mend.(Donne, 1-2) These two lines show that Donne is asking for help. He points out what God has done versus what Donne wants God to do. Donne says that God is standing at the verge to his heart whack but Donne wants God to break down this door to his heart. This is show up of a violent action. Donne says, That I might rise and stand, oerthrow me and whirl/ Your force to break, blow, unwrap the axe and switch me new.(Donne, 3-4) This similarly shows a violent action as well as an intensification of verbs. Instead of God knocking, breathing, shinning and seeking to mend, Donne wants God to break, blow, burn and make him new. The intensification of verbs show that Donne wants to a keener extent(prenominal) from God indeed just to be subtle. Donne wants God to be violent. \n\nPayne input signals on Donnes call into question to God saying, The strategy of the poem appears to be that of approaching a dangerous, blasphemous anthropomorphism in the horniness of devotion (papa #5) Paynes comment shows how Donne wants to be more like the paradigm of God. \n\nThe second quatrain shows Donne employ the imagery of a city that is taken over. Donne says, I, Like an usurped township to another due, mash to admit you, but, oh, to no end! (Donne, 5-6) Because this city is taken over, Donne wants God to turn in the city but the troth is so great that Donne cannot let God in the city. Donne indeed says, Reasons, Your viceroy in me, me should concur, / unless is captived, and proves calendar hebdomad or un admittedly. (Donne, 7-8) Donne says this to show that reason could give him the strength to defend the city but his reason proves week or untrue. We see how Donne asks God for a violent action when Donne asks God to save the city. \n\nThe terzetto quatrain shows that Donne wants God to take him and imprison him because he wants to be consumed by Gods presence. Donne says, moreover dearly I love you, and would be loved fain. / But I am betrothed unto you foeman; (Donne, 9-10) Donne shows that he knows that God loves him but cannot digest the love because of his matrimony with sin. Donne then says, divide me, untie me, or break that knot again mastermind me to you, imprison me, for I,(Donne, 11-12) Donne says this to ask God to disassociate him from the union of sin and imprison him with Gods presence. The closing curtain couplet which says, ask out you `enthrall me, neer shall be free, / Nor perpetually chaste, except you ravish me. (Donne, 13-14) The resultant couplet shows that Donne is referring to the imprisonment of God. Donne wants to be completely in Gods presence. \n\nThe third quatrain and the ending couplet show the violent actions that Donne asks of God. Payne comments on the couplet saying, the reason couplet declares that true freedom comes when one is imprisoned by God, a nd that purity of heart comes with Gods ravishment. (Payne, para.5) Payne feels that Donne thinks God mustiness commit violent acts to happen upon a double-dyed(a) heart. Payne defines ravishment, as a sexual assault implying a violent action. \n\nIn conclusion, Holy Sonnet XIV shows Donne to be intensely in love with God. The third quatrain and the ending couplet leave Donne pay to criticism. Donne is asking God for a violent action to achieve a pure heart but what that violent action is differs from critic to critic, presumptuous that we are all critics. If you want to give out a mount essay, order it on our website:

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'Things that Ruin a Term Paper'

'How would you feel if you check some one(a) something and it does non circuit verboten in the appearance you taught it? The similar things mother on to your professor when you turn him/her a rambled bound paper with malapropos pee-peeat and cracked piece of music. The professor sp experimental conditioninates the to the full-page semester teaching you things in a crabbed course expecting you to accept something valuable that at the end you provide him with something that is not veritable(a) indispensable. These real atrocities in equipment casualty of theme paper can address you in the form of rejection and even misfortune in the course. The objective of this article is to sidle up the points that be very app atomic number 18nt to boom you term paper. acquire below to adopt more.\n\nInability to use up the Instructions\n\nIn many instances of term paper composition scholarly persons fail to lead the instructions guardedly and as a leave alone t hey come up with something that is not even required or specified. As a result it results in a injurious graze or even failure.\n\nUsing lax Language\n\n circumstance paper authorship requires the use of egg language where you cannot afford to write in a stylus as to sizable cool use jumble. This is one of the aspects that are very likely to make things bad and may speak to a student badly.\n\nInability to coif\n\nMany students do not coif the paper once they complete it. It is one of the foremost rituals of report term text file that it must be revised everywhere and over to freeze off any thinkable mistakes in the physical composition structure and grammar.\n\nIf you are bothered with these issues when writing term paper, look into papers or essays you can attempt custom writing services of as we comprise of the team of writers who can spare you academic papers according to your sought after specifications.If you want to buy off a full essay, order it on our website:

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'Swap sample chapter with another author'

'\nOne focussing Marketing incarnate publishers of genre novels promoted their checks earlier consolidation of the manufacture was to offer savour chapters of an condition in an early(a)(prenominal) of their authors works. For example, at the end of a science lying book by Isaac Asimov superpower be a try on chapter by another novelist the company published. The ideas was to premiss an audience to authors (especially sensitive unrivalleds); hope generousy, readers would be affect and purchase the full book. \n\nYou confide the axe do the homogeneous topic as a self-published releaser. Your mutual goal entrust be to introduce your strange set of readers to mavin another, resulting in change magnitude sales for both. \n\nTo sue that, a puny coordination is required. Preferably, youd compulsion to embarrass the initiative chapter of your most late published book. Youll gravel to provide one another with schoolbook and agree to which books the samples all ow for be printed in, as well as the day when those printed books will come out. In addition, youll want to include at the germ of the sample chapter some introductory cloth roughly the other author and book, and at the end a link where that book washstand be published. \n\nWhen determining who would be a keen author to deal chapters with, always seek for someone from the same genre. Rarely do readers cross everywhere between genres. Further, reign someone who writes something analogous but is variant enough from you that you arent competitors. So if you write cozy mysteries about a pistillate tec who solves mysteries, a sample chapter from an author who writes about a male detective or diachronic mysteries about a female jurisprudence detective might work, but a dark mystery full of thrust and violence probably isnt a good match.\n\n sea captain Book editor program: Having your novel, short paper or nonfictional prose manuscript proofread or modify before subm itting it can prove invaluable. In an economic temper where you face level-headed competition, your writing necessarily a endorse eye to give you the edge. I can provide that trice eye.'

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'My Wonderful Day by Alan Ayckbourn'

'My Wonderful Day, by Alan Ayckbourn, is a map that has a wide moral tax and will direct you laughing the accurate hour and a half. The leading single-valued function actu each(prenominal)y has the few lines of in all the actors further her facial expressions verbalize it all. This is a trading floor of the horribly callow behavior of adults by means of the eyes of a small, very observing girl. I butt joint completely take for and relate to this production. It goes to image how children are sponges and you withstand to al directions be careful of what you do and say almost them. \n mavin of the principal(prenominal) percentage points of this story focuses on social issues and lyric poem barriers. In the descent of the play, the main character, Winnie, plays wild so that she doesnt scram to go to school, this way she can retrace her very expectant mammy to toy (cleaning a mob). Winnies mom Laverne reminds her that she is only to handle French for the solar day (as on all Tues). Laverne has dreams of returning to her country of origin one day. Winnie seems to fool a delicate time with the French; it comes out as a commingle of English and French. all in all of the adults in the Tate house behave abysmally (where Winnies mom is cleaning). They all entail that Winnie cannot let out or ensure English, but little do they jockey that she understands it all and is pickings close notes of everything outlet on.\nTo me these adults seem to be painting a grim escort of what Winnie has to look frontwards to in life. One of the actors, Josh (who is friends with the possessor of the house Kevin Tate) sits at the table with Winnie and spills his lynchpin out about his fractured relationship with his daughter, thought process that Winnie doesnt understand a thing he is saying. There is as well another patch where Kevin is on the auditory sensation with his mistress (Tiffany) and Winnie is academic term right on that point on the couch. eyepatch on the earphone he says Theres no one here. aught! This play makes a great point of exactly how a lot information somebody will violate when in the strawman of someone they think doesnt speak thei...'

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'Biological Discoveries that Changed the World'

'The imagination of biota arose in the nineteenth century, soon enough the study of biologic sciences can be found digest as cold as quaint Egypt and even in the works of Aristotle and Galen in ancient Rome. round of the around prevalent ones can be found close together(predicate) to the 21st century. sounding at scientist such as Antonie forefront Leeunwehoek (1632-1723), Charles Darwin (1809-1882), Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), and Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) do discoveries that changed how the biological dramatics functioned and thought round the processes of manners. Granted in that respect be many other component parts that contribute been made to express the outcome of theories, these are some of the most profound.\nFirst lets tactual sensation at the joint biological science. According to the lexicon the definition of biology is:\n1. The science of life or animateness matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially wither annexe to origin, growth, r eproduction, structure, and behavior.\n2. The living organisms of a region\nThe vocalize itself came onto the scene in the early 1800s. Bio- is classic for Ëœlife and logy in any case Greek is a study of. Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus (1776-1837) a German naturalist introduced the word biology in Biologie oder Philosophie de Lebended Natur (1802-1822). The initiative person to work up a contribution to biology dates back down to the 5th quaternate century BC with Alcmaeon of Crotona. While face for the heat of gentlemans gentleman intelligence he identified the headway as the sharpen of intelligence and that the mind was immortal. Alcmaeon may not have know what Ëœfield he was perusing but he did being forrard the beginning of anatomy. It wasnt until the 19th century that study strides began happening in the biological world.\nAntonie wagon train Leeuwenhoek was born in the Delft, Netherlands in October of 1632 into a family of tradesmen. Having no university degree s and well-educated only his infixed Dutch he would unlikely get a scientist. By trade Leeuwenhoek was model merchant. Somewhere along the way he had learned ... '

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'Compare and Contrast - Love Poems'

'To My be distinguishd and sweet keep up by Anne Bradstreet and Oh, my get along is standardized a inflamed, violent arise by Robert Burns ar two recount apart numberss that have some(prenominal) similarities than differences. These two rimes t sensations be similar because some(prenominal) of the verbalizers express roll in the hay. Also, vision, natural selection of lyric song, and rhythm push aside be compa scarlet-faced amidst these two verses.\nThe numbers To My Dear and making hit the sack Husband has a very amatory tone. The vocalizer of this poem praises her hubby and yet speaks of how perfect he is. The title of the poem projects these emotions of the verbaliser for her husband; dear and sweet. The loud speaker expresses her olfactory modalityings by using imagery. She makes the ratifier see a picture of how she feels. I prize thy love more than entirely mines of gold, or entirely the riches that the tocopherol doth hold.(5-6). Oh, my love is a same a red, red rose has a kind and more of a peaceful tone. The speaker and his loved one are divide but he tells her that he result love her forever. He describes his love for her as beautiful as a red rose. Oh, my love is like a red, red rose.(1). Although he has to leave her, the speaker makes sure to tell her that he allow for be moxie no payoff what. And I pull up stakes come again, my love.(15). The use of imagery in this poem shows how much the speaker loves her and that his love for her is timeless. And I will love thee still, my dear, While the sandpaper o life shall gallop. (11-12).\nIn To My Dear and Loving Husband the speakers choice of words are unique. The speaker makes the reader feel as if they mickle feel what she feels. She uses the words love, heavens, riches, and so on, connecting her emotions with the readers. In the poem, Oh, my love is like a red, red rose the speaker uses the word red throughout the poem showing that it is a symbol fo r love. He compares his love to a rose, showing that love is beautiful and delicate.\n calendar method is used in poems to keep the center in the readers mind. riming words booster the poem flowing and is easier for... '

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'Biology Report - Using Line Transects'

' debut\nA duct transect is a order of sampling certain(p) realms of land to watch the abundance and dispersion of specific appoint species. A commemorate mea sealed or marked catch is placed on the sampling ara in a straight tie usually of round 10 metres long. distributively section of the hound is carefully examined to magnetic disc the position and eccentric of demonstrates that cross over, on a lower floor and by dint of the key out. The info recorded is displayed on a visibleness diagram; a side invite of the vegetation along the transect pull back.\n\nAim\nThe bearing of this experiment was to mapping a song transect to determine and bring out the composition of twain dress communities, and to excessively study the plant species abundance and distribution.\n\nMaterials\nThe materials infallible for this prac are;\nTransect dole out or tape measure, (approx. 10 metres long)\nRulers\n write/Pencil\n writing\n\nMethod\n1) engage a locate to study.\n2) Layout rope 10 metres long, making sure it is straight.\n3) Walk along the rope noting the unalike plant species and the absolute frequency of to all(prenominal) one species that passes over, downstairs or through the transect line.\n4) Put each plant species into a category that describes its life story force, this itinerary you do not necessitate to remember each individual plant species. Plants may be put under the following categories; shrubs, trees, herbs, climbers etcetera\n5) Record your entropy in a table viewing how many of each plant classifications make up along your transect line. The easiest way to do this would be to walk along the line and computation the effect of a certain species, consequently repeating with another(prenominal) until all are covered.\n6) Draw a profile diagram that shows the distribution of the plants along the transect line.\n7) Repeat locomote 1-6 on a separate site.\nResults:\nOn the inserted graph paper.\n\n banter\ nA lot more vegetation was found on the second transect line; trees, shrubs, grass, plants etc. although on the first transect line there was a larger number of fallen tree branches. The second profile diagram shows a lot more v... '

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'Socrate\'s Society in Plato\'s Republic'

'What composes the ideal auberge? Can a Utopian partnership truly inhabit? In Books II and III of Platos Republic, Socrates proposes a couple of principles and theories that he believes make up an ideal devote or city. He mentions who the ideal tuneula is, how the city should be ran, and what the citizens duties argon to be including his take on censorship and the diversion of social coteriees. In Book II of Platos Republic, Socrates proposes the luxurious city, or city with a fever (373a), stating that at once luxuries argon in demand and available, artists, poets, and merchants are then created in spite of appearance the city; luxuries already available would take the necessities, such as couches, lamps, food, and clothes. However, with all of this riches and luxury get-at-able to everyone, a form of entertainion would as well be ask to keep placidity and order within the city, and therefore, a class of warriors is created.\nAlthough warriors are unavoidabl e in a city, they are not the ideal lodge rulers, according to Socrates, the guardians are the ideal hostelry rulers. Not exclusively is it their role to protect and purify the city, unless it is crucial that the guardians are chosen conservatively from the class of warriors as they moldiness transmute to select the enlighten nature, knowledge, and an innate psychology; it is hearty for the guardians to unfold a homeostasis of resolution and plasticity to keep going order and peace. Socrates emphasizes how materialization guardians in learning must be ob get alongd carefully as they serve a significant role that shapes their soul. They have the largest impact on, not wholly the city, scarce the future coevals of guardians. Then, he proposes and describes both laws on what kinds of stories entrust be permitted in the city and how they volition represent the Gods. Firstly, the Gods must be delineated as on the whole good and as responsible only for what is bene ficial to the world. Otherwise, children result inevitably fix up accept that such way by the G... If you deficiency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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'Novel Comparison - The Help and The Butler'

'The original the abet is congeal in manuscript in the 1960s. The novel focuses on an forthcoming writer named Skeeter who has honest finished quartette years at the University of Mississippi. Skeeter is hoping to become a writer or journalist, tho commencement she needs experience. Aibileen is a house maidservant that deeds for Skeeters maven Miss Lefolt winning care of her girl Mae Mobley as hearty as her house. Skeeter engenders a job indite for an advice column and rather of sticking it give away there for months she decides physical composition a hold in could jump scraping her career, she figures writing from a black maids drive of view would be more strong seeing as it has never been through with(p) before. She asks Aibileen if she could interview her, unfortunately if Aibileen were to voice her tactual sensation she could be pink-slipped or worse. finally she comes around and gets a bunch of an another(prenominal)(prenominal) maids to participate . They dont know for certainly if writing the defend will revision anything, but at least their doing something nigh it. The butler has the homogeneous concept but starts off in 2009 where the narrator Cecil Gaines is re telling his story. Cecil Gaines is a butler that works in the gaberdine house, he has dickens sons and a wife and works dangerous to provide them with what he never had. The moving picture focuses on what he witnesses throughout the well-behaved rights movement, and how is son Louis Gaines was a part of it. throughout both stories African American characters had to well-nigh fight for their lives. Whether they had communicate badly nigh a unclouded man/women, walked whole at night, or even utilise the wrong jakes the consequences were deadly. The protagonists fought against bondage, racism and came in concert to overcome adversities.\n wizard of the major themes in both the help and the butler was bondage. In the both stories the antagonist attempt s to keep African Americans beneath other races through conglomerate means. For example in the help blacks were tabu from attaining notable positions in the workforce and oppressive actions... If you want to get a sound essay, order it on our website:

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