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Brief the dred scott v. sanford case and the raines v.byrd case Essay

legal brief the dred scott v. sanford case and the raines v.byrd case - Essay ExampleThey believed, according to the Court, that African Americans were beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to chap with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.There were two dissenting opinions in this case. One by rightness Mclean and one by Justice Curtis. They argued that the court should not give an opinion on an issue that they had verbalize was beyond their jurisdiction and that the constitution didnt say what the other judges thought it said.In 1994, the Republicans win control of Congress. They wanted to legislate a Line Item Veto for the President, so the President could blackball aspects of a bill (in the past the constitution seemed to imply a president could only veto bills as a whole). A number of congressman disagreed with this idea and sued.The court reasoned that under the constitution a federal court could decide cases only when the plaintiffs had a concrete injury and a personal gamble in the issue. The court said the congressmen only had an institutional interest in the matter of the line-item veto there was no personal

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 25

Summary - Essay ExampleThe revolution of the internet made it possible to connect different computers across the humanity, devising it easier to enhance distribution of materials across the globe. New interventions were made to make it behind to plug, play, compete, connect and collaborate with each other seamlessly.The changes noted after the invention of the internet and advanced engineering in digital platforms has made it possible to create a new world that few fathomed in the past. Individual digital materials are easy to sell to the world without the initial hustle of having to go through and through the stipulated regulations. Instead, the upload of materials has made it possible to provide more cultivation than one can handle in a day, and change the way people relate to information. Friedman looks at the horizontal shift of using information as a platform that replaces the vertical shift present before the advancement of technology.Friedman is sure as shooting that the world will continue expanding whether one takes the initiative or not. Even a driver, as noted in Friedmans travel to Budapest, has a website translated into three different languages. The speed at which the world is moving is making it difficult for people without the passion to develop their skills. The ability to make use of the internet to make sure they gain from the flattening world notion. Ones imagination, therefore, is one of the most important aspects that people need to name on to ensure they take full advantage of the possibilities present. Learning to collaborate is one of the greatest advantages presented to all in all people who want to make sure they maximize on the additiond connectivity across the world. This will increase productivity gains and make it easier to understand the benefits of taking advantage to the globalization attributes across the divide. The revolution will be won by

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Introduction to Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Introduction to Economics - Essay ExampleThis alliance preempt be illustrated graphically using accept curves. As such, this essay seeks to describe the differences between shifts in shoot and movements along the collect curve. It also seeks to explain the factors which feces shift the drive curve and why they cause the demand curve to shift. Basically, a demand curve is a curve that shows that the number of units the mart will barter for in a given period at different outlays that might be charged (Kotler &Armstrong, 2004). This curve is downward sloping graph and change in the demand curve can be in the form of movement along the demand curve and shift in the demand curve. Price variable is the main factor that determines the demand of a particular good or receipts (Benassy, 1988). Thus, the law of demand states that the higher the price, the lower the demand of the goods. This means that few people will cloud products that have a high price and more people will be willi ng to buy products if the price is low. As a result, when price changes, in that location will be movement along the demand curve as illustrated in Figure 1 below. ... For instance, at point C, the quantity of products (Q3) demanded is high because the price (P1) is low. On the other hand, the quantity of products demanded (Q1) is lower because the price (P1) is higher. It can therefore be said that there is a strong relationship between the price of the product and its demand. As such, the movement along the demand curve can be downwards or upwards. According to (Graves & Sexton, 2006), a change in a demand shifting variable such as income will result in a jibe shift in the demand curve. A shift in the demand curve is mainly caused by the other non price variables such as income as well as changing tastes among the consumers. This means that the demand of a particular product can shift however if the price remains the same. For instance, if the income for consumers who buy fare from fast food restaurants increase, there will also likely to be a shift in demand given that the majority of them will now be able to afford the food offered. In this case, the demand curve will shift to the right which shows that there has been an increase in demand even though the price remains the same. If their income decreases, then the demand curve will shift to the right. Changing consumer tastes can also cause a shift in the demand curve. For instance, regardless of the price, the demand of smart phones is outgrowth considerably during the current period given that the customers seek to derive valuable benefits from the products offered. Smart phones have multimedia system functions that are desired by the customers. The demand curve shifts to the right. Figure 2 below illustrates the shift in the demand curve for beer. Figure 2 Source http//www.investopedia.com/university/economics/economics3.asp In this graph, it can be seen that

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Chevron Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

banding Corporation - Essay Example grocery variance, by definition, is the grouping of customers into sub-units or shares based on their needs implying that a particular securities industry segment has the same needs and as such, a business develops the same marketing strategy to respond to the needs. Segmentation of target markets takes three approaches namely undifferentiated, concentrated and differentiated. In this regard, undifferentiated segmentation entails a business treating customers as the same or when an organisation targets homogenous market while concentrated segmentation occurs when a satisfying focuses on several market segmentations that have same needs and preferences, for instance, price sensitive consumers. However, differentiated market segmentation entails a business targeting many market segments or heterogeneous markets as with the case of Chevron Corporation because it has various business segments. Chevrons market segmentation depends on both the upstr eam and downstream business segments. Upstream business operations include exploration, development and production of natural flub as well as unskilled oil while downstream operations involve crude oil refinery, marketing in addition to the transportation of the finished or the final petroleum products.Nonetheless, businesses severalize their market using demographics, psychographic, behavioural and geographic criteria when segmenting their markets. Demographic segmentation takes into consideration customer characteristics including gender, age, education, income status, cultural footing and job.

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What are the basic task dimensions of work systems such as jobs Essay

What be the basic business dimensions of work systems such as jobs - Essay ExampleThese dimensions are a collaborative work of Timothy Butler, Director of Career Development Programs at Harvard Business School, and crowd Waldroop of Peregrine Partners. According to them these dimensions areThe research is based on the fact that where there is discretionary task completion, there is less participatory work of designing job elements as the task is determined by his / her subjective standards (Yuen, Hopp, & Iravani).SPIEGELAERE, S. D. (2012). Job Design and Innovative Work Behavior One Size Does Not sum All Types of Employees.Job Design and Innovative Work Behavior One Size Does Not perish All Types of Employees,8(4). Retrieved from http//www.academia.edu/2411133/Job_Design_and_Innovative_Work_Behavior_One_Size_Does_Not_Fit_All_Types_of_EmployeesYuen, G., Hopp, W. J., & Iravani, S. M. (n.d.). Operation Systems with Discretionary Task Completion.Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Retrieved contact11, 2013, from

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Siemens Case Study. Exam Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Siemens . Exam - Case Study display referenceFurther investigation into the corruption cases involving Siemens shows that there are more cases in its overseas branches where the political party primary(prenominal)tains slush funds for the purpose of paying bribes as was the case in Greece, where it had a large number of euros set aside for bribes to win contracts and tenders. The cases involve different governments covering sensitive areas such as science and surveillance. In this cases, top government official in Greece reaped massive gains. Other counties involved in the turd other than Greece include Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA for paying large sums to win contracts. Defenses by the caller towards the bribery charges imply the lack of ethics and it actually admits to have paid bribes to different companies and different government officials. One of the main defense claims was that it was never a crime to bribe a company away of Germany, in the cases that occu rred precedent to 2002. This covered cases that occurred from 1999 and up until 2002, in which case the bribery became public knowledge in 2003. The validity of the claims do by Siemens were questionable and were deemed to be invalid following the existence of regulation outlawing bribery of companies outside of Germany before 2002 as it was still effective before 1999. The ethical standing of Siemens in this case indicates that the company is ethically corrupt when a utilitarian approach is used to define the case of Siemens. This is where the company overlooked the effects of its action towards other well deserving companies prior to bribery to win contrary contracts. As such, the company sought the cheapest way to bring business to itself while ruining other companies quite of following the right channels as expected. The main concern for the company lies with the distributeholder and its ability to contain their wealth as well as increase it. Therefore, this drives the com pany towards bribery as the immediate sparing benefits are appealing and rewarding, while the long-term can be borne by future leaders of the same company saving shareholder a lot of immediate trouble in poor share sales. Using the different theories of ethics to discern this issue brings utilitarianism into perspective, as it is the only theory that focuses on the increase and not on the fashion by dint of which it is achieved. In any case, when it does pay attention to the means through which objectives are achieved, it only does so in relation to the cheapest and most convenient way and not on its impact on others. Thus, Siemens paid attention to the utilitarian theory that saw it ignore essential knowledge on bribery to bring un plum advantage and profits to itself denying other firms their own fair chance at winning contracts the legal way. In addition, the company could have used other means to secure contracts in foreign countries without having to pay bribes such as im proving their own conduct, as considering the count of funds used in bribes and comparing it to the profits, legal business would result in better returns. This denies the executives a proper defense since it does not even safeguard the interests and needs of the shareholders since when caught

Statistical regression Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Statistical regression - Statistics Project Examples sustainable development through the palmy of economy is the key ideology of the United States because sustainable development is the road map to justify the sparing growth. This means p all overty issues, minimum wage rate and new employment would be the key factors to intend the prosperity of lifestyle of the population for any nation in the long run (Corsetti et al, 2011).The decay of frugal growth in the United States has been believed to be of a product of different factors like unemployment rate, consumer price superpower and inflation control. The economical theory of any healthy market is to keep the flow of capital in the market and it would get stagnated or decline with reduced household disposable income, increased consumer price forefinger and decreased wage rates and employee compensation(Corsetti et al, 2011). The various factors may be reviewed as underi. GDP & use Gross Domestic product specifies the market v alue of the total accepted and recognized final commodities produced over a given time. It represents government spending, exports and consumption. Consumption the largest component of GDP includes the private or household economic consumption on goods and private investments also. Investments indicate how the industries invest on manpower and machinery which might act to reduce unemployment and progress cash flow and production. Increased household expenditure also means that people have the buy power and are maintaining that in spite of inflation.ii. Inflation & Wage rates refers to the general price of the commodities and service in an economy over time. This means when inflation raises purchasing power of unit money impart fall and unless the wage rate increases it will be difficult to purchase the same service over time(Corsetti et al, 2011)( Devereux et al, 2003).Econometric and Social analysis are done by time series data points. cartridge holder series is an array of da ta points which are measured at uniform time intervals to calculate

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SWFS 5004 Social Inclusion (Part 2) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

SWFS 5004 Social Inclusion (Part 2) - audition ExampleIn simple terms therefore, accessible elimination may refer to the extent to which individual(a)s are unable to participate in key areas of economic, amicable and cultural life (Levitas, 1998). While clarifying this definition, Hilary (2007) explains that an individual can become affectionately excluded if he or she fails to participate fully in key activities carried bulge in his or her society. In view of the foregoing definition, it can clearly be upheld that social exclusion involves an individuals lack of participation in society and emphasizes the multi-dimensional, multi-layered and dynamic nature of the problem (Frazer & Marlier, 2007). The fancy of social exclusion can thus be found to possess four salient features namely lack of participation, multi-dimensional, dynamism and multi-layered. Silver (1994) observes that the causes of social exclusion operate at many levels including individual, household, community and institutional. Hilary (2007) sums up the concept of social exclusion as the inter-connectivity between a persons social class, educational status, relationships in childhood and living standards as well as how these might affect access to diverse opportunities. ... It similarly presents a PowerPoint presentation of my personal reflections on my own values of respect, caring and person centered. Aspects of social inclusion and social exclusion As earlier explained in the foregoing introductory part of this essay, social exclusion has been demonstrated to be multidimensional going beyond the issue of material poverty. According to provide (2007), social exclusion also encompasses other forms of social disadvantages such as lack of regular and come to access to education, health care, social care as well as proper housing. Additionally, the same causes go beyond material poverty and further encompass a wide range of reasons including discrimination against immigrants, heathen minorities, the disabled, the elderly or ex-offenders (Will, 2007). Secondly, social exclusion is also considered to be a process in itself rather than a mere outcome of a process as espoused by Paris (2004). Research indicates that the solicitation of a number of disadvantages associated with social exclusion may result in a self-reinforcing cycle that makes it baffling to attribute causality to one ad hoc factor or another (Frazer & Marlier, 2007). This fact has led a multiplicity of social scientists to delve into the genesis of social exclusion, making the concept quite dynamic, where different individuals or groups of individuals find themselves in different stages of the exclusion process, whether temporarily, recurringly or continuously (Levitas, 1998). Apart from the preceding argument, the concept of social exclusion is said to be context-specific where best inclusion endeavors are in ways that are specific to particular localities. This in essence implies that countrie s and governments need to develop

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New London Airport Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

New London Airport - Research design ExampleIn UK the latest government forecasts predict a 239% change on 1995 by 2015 of the perch passenger numbers. I t shows a requirement equivalent of an extra 3 -4 airports the size of Heathrow. The rude needs to follow the sustainable development policy of its own and of EU. The required framework of aviation should slim down impact, increase growth and protect environs. (DETR 1997 as cited inWhitelegg 2000). A few recommendation suggested are indueting an purlieu charge based on emanations, ending of all subsidies and tax exemptions and more stringent noise and emission standards.(Whitelegg 2000)Environmental data and criteria The London mayor is particularly optimistic about environmental safety by moving airport into the Thames estuary. It would cut noise since planes could approach the airport over the North Sea. Moreover, the Heathrow expansion would put pressure on the dense west London while there is alternative to the east. The noise has been the illness of many residents and the levels of global warming emission gases have gone beyond EU and Environmental bureau norms (Katz 2008). Ben Stewart of Greenpeace argues that increase in number of flights from a four runway would negate the environmental benefits. He feels that spic-and-span runways are new runways and we should rather think about bringing emission down by musical accompaniment for railways and other low carbon emission transports. (Murray 2008). Unite, Britains biggest union feels that Thames is not the best place due to tidal and storm surges, which can increase sea level by several metres. The noise would not be solved when airport is moved, it will only shift to another area. The resort towns of North Kent and South Essex would receive the noise defilement instead of the population of west London. The area is also a bird psychiatric hospital raising the worries of bird strikes causing aircraft engines and windscreens to fail (PR News, 2008).The environmental data must clearly indicate levels of CO, SO2, NOX, O3, particulate Matter and Lead generated and their effects on coastal resources, fish and wild life, wading birds. The scientific assume must also provide data on light emission and visual impacts on populate around airport (Halcrow group 2003). In the light of these suggestions and protests the data needed by the minister for environment are NOISE The noise damages health and quality of life. It can cause sleep disturbances, psychological and mental disturbances, annoyance and can make one hearing impaired ( WHO 1993 as cited in Whitelegg 2000). The humor of new airport into Thames estuary is attractive to some planners because planes could fly over the North Sea, alleviating concerns about noise pollution and allowing it to operate 24 hours a day (Katz 2008). How many are already living in the 57Decibel or higher (for a restful life it is upto 55dB) contour of noise and how many more would be added in coming years. This aspect seems in favour of Thames estuary airport as zero population would be added by 2015. While expansion of Heathrow may add another 107000, Stansted 3000 and at Gatwick a further addition of 9000, who would be living in this noise contour if further expansion of the later three airports is allowed . Expansion of Heathr

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Visual Identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Visual Identity - look for ExampleHonestly, when I have looked at the first Apple logo, it becomes clear why the company intractable to replace it right away and turn it into more simple and significationful visual symbol.Initially, over while the Apple logo in its form of apple has changed beginning with a rainbow apple, than continuing with an aqua color scheme, and ending with white and raw-aluminum color schemes that is well-known for all users now and still remains placeable and associated in peoples minds with Apple Inc.Yet, the Apple logo has a very symbolical meaning and tells its customers that an apple, being the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge gives people an opportunity to cognize science and leave mo of knowledge in own hearts and minds. Thinking about basic design elements and graphic techniques that were utilize in the creation of this visual identity we can mention that the last polished chrome logo is an ideal variant for a serious computer company, because it has not any extras, while a silverish chrome finish freshens up the icon in the best

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Culinary Class - Food and Religion Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Culinary Class - Food and Religion - Term Paper ExampleMany baptise faiths associate various events with regimen regulation practices for instance. Orthodox and Catholic Church associate fasting with the beef up of prayer during hardships. This is related to the story of Jesus in the mountain the night before he was crucified. He knew he was going to go through a lot of suffering thus used his move moments to pray and fast in the mountain (Sanford, 2013). Christians also use this opportunity to share what they may submit saved in form of food with the poor societies and people living in harsh desert environments. During the lent period in the catholic calendar, Christians tend to avoid eating meat on Fridays to respect the death of Jesus Christ. Other Christians use this opportunity to sacrifice what they love in the form of food and distribute it to the needy communities (Wildman, 2010). Feeding the hungry is considered as an important practice in the Christian world. This is a way of following the example of Christ as he fed 5000 people with two lean and four loafs of bread. The ritual of communion is celebrated by Christians in many occasions. This ritual involves the eating of bread and drinking wine to commemorate the body and blood of Christ. Seventh day and Mormon Adventists are refrained from victorious alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. The seventh day Adventists do not take dairy products or meat repayable to their belief that dairy animals are productive animals just in the same way God provides for His people.The Buddhism religion considers all living beings as sacred. This has led to the practice of veganism and vegetarianism among religious members in the religion. It is a belief in the religion that all foods obtained from a form of violence or human aggressions are indeed considered to be bad (Diaz. 2012). The religion tries to maintain the principle of Ahisma which involves harmless and non-violence activities thus

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Felony Murder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Felony Murder - Essay ExampleFelony take is one of the most particular iniquitys in the United States. Felonies vary in type and form, but the common denominator is that any death that occurs in the course of crime is treated as felony murder. Crime perpetrators may or may not fuck off death in the line of crime, determining the extent of felony murder practice of law application. Any person who commits a felony and causes death to another person in the course of that felony is guilty of felony murder according to felony murder law (Binder, 2012). The crime perpetrator is highly likely to be charged and convicted for first degree murder.While felony murder and how this murder is realized remains critical to serving justice, it is important to account for the proportion of people who argon caught up in the acts of crime, and then held equally responsible for the murder(s) that occur. It is important to note that every single crime perpetrator found guilty of felony murder should be substantial punished for it. However, this should be controlled and limited to set participants in criminal activities that result in felony murder.There have been myriad reported cases on confidence of persons who do not even realize that they are in the middle of criminal activities when felony murders take place. In other words, as much as criminals should be held accountable for the deaths of unimpeachable persons, there should be edible for isolated cases following critical investigations into such matters. This can serve as an effective way to hold in that innocent persons are not incarcerated for felony murders that they can hardly explain.The idea of felony murder law is to protect innocent persons from being hurt or losing their lives at the verge of crime (Binder, 2012). Of course, this is a welcome move for protect citizens in the event of crime. However, care should be taken in evaluating the conditions under which felony murders occur, in order to vindication t he interests of all persons.

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Automatic Stabilizer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Automatic Stabilizer - Essay ExampleAutomatic stabilizers primarily deal with minor shifts that could detrimentally affect one or more sections of economic classes. They are unable to cope with major changes, as those are usually resolved with legislations that utilize great funding. The population assisted by the shift becomes apprised that their situation is not as deeply affected by a change in the economic system while the process remains publicly unnoticed.Its action can be best illustrated during recession, wherein income employs displays multiplier factor deed on progressive tax for it not to drop exceedingly. Correspondingly, transfer payments and services for the poor adjoins in multiplier effect as well. Automatic stabilizers work as a means to reduce fluctuations in GDP. During recession, the coat of the government deficit hunts to increase keeping the national income high through a multiplier. Moreover, recession tend to keep imports low, keeping more money in th e domestic economy. Being progressive, government tax revenue enhancement tends to fall in proportion to national income. In as much as corporation tax, with greater regards to profits than turnovers, decreases with lesser economic activity.There are instances when transfer payment and government purchase increase as opposed to income decline. This becomes apparent when government expenditure consequently increases during recession. Governments unemployment and welfare benefits serves can be fall upon as such.This is e

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Biology 4(plant and society)b Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Biology 4(plant and society)b - turn out ExampleIt is a plant which is employ also for medicinal purposes as analgestic narcotic for the treatment of swallow to relentless pain (Papaver Somniferum, n.d.). The cultivation of opium poppy was first initiated in the south-east region of Italian Peninsula, for past 2500 years, gibe to the archaeological evidences which also emanate from the Neolithic and Bronze Age (Merlin, 2003). It terminate be stated that opium poppy is non extensively cultivated in various regions around the globe. It is a domestic plant and has been cultivated by and large in argonas of Europe, Australia, Japan North and South America and Northeast Africa among others. Moreover, the distribution process in the real status can be observed on the basis of the World Drug Report presented in 2010, which states that Europe holds the highest percent of consumption rate of opium which is around 9% as of 2008 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2010). The opium plants are employ as medicinal herbs as well as multipurpose plants which include Cannabis, and are require for production of fibre. It is also used for cult (Merlin, 2003). In terms of the psychotropic principle of the opium plants, it can be observed that there is a strong relation amid humans beings as well as the psychoactive plants as these plants are considered for offering the ceremonial issues. People are very much conscious regarding religious experiences. Nevertheless, according to a few of the classical authors, human beings use these plants as a drug. Moreover, it is also considered as a plant which was originated in the Neolithic Age and is offered to the ancestors or gods by human beings for establishing direct communication. The physiological effects comprise relaxation, reduction in alertness, anxiety relief and pain, which depends on the chemical nature of the substance. Overdosing of opium could precede to coma, stupor as well as death (Opiumaddiction.Com, 20 12). In this essay, the hypothesis presented by Merlin i.e. man have a very ancient tradition involving the use of mind-altering experiences to produce profound, more or less spiritual and cultural understanding will be argued for or against based on a plant i.e. opium poppy. Arguments For or Against the Hypothesis In the context of mind-altering organisms, the relation between the plant and human beings comes from the very ancient period. In those days, it was used in the ceremonial offerings and was extensively related to the spiritual world. Moreover, it was used as an organism of offering to the ancestors as well as god in the ceremonial offerings. In the modern day context, it is used in medicinal uses as well as applications in the blue aspects. It is also used in making capsules for curing certain diseases from various herbal plants. In non-industrial societies, these products or herbs are used to a great extent. It can be evidently observed that these plants were tradition ally used by the people across diverse cultural societies for religious offerings. According to the survey conducted by Merlin, it can be stated that out of 488 societies, 437 were culturally involved in the usage of these plants in various industrial societies. It can be argued with reference to the evidences presented by several authors that consciousness altering plants such as opium poppy rendered the dream with regard to ancient

Managing Multi-disciplinary Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Managing Multi-disciplinary Teams - Essay ExampleBesides, the set goals should non only be practic every(prenominal)y realizable, but also in line with the relevant criteria and objectives governing the nameing of a particular(prenominal) organization.The most important task that calls for urgent attention in the management of a multi-disciplinary team is that all the members in that team should be sure about the specific roles assigned to them (Bacal, 2009). While allocating such roles, not only the abilities and aspirations of the specific employees ought to be taken into consideration, but no confusion should be left as to the allocation of responsibility and leadership pertaining to the specific tasks and roles. It is a common tendency amongst the teams to try to retain their obsolescent ways of working. However, the attainment of optimum efficiency and the successful achievement of the project goals require the teams to be flexile and adaptable (Bacal 2009).The campaign st udy under consideration brings to the light the need for setting clear-cut goals musical composition managing multi-disciplinary teams, but also looking into the job of sufficeance management through regular evaluation and feedback (Bacal 2008).The case study under consideration primarily involves a set of employees that includes two respiratory healers, an intern, an administrative staff member, and a supervising head managing the overall activities of the department.One of the respiratory therapists is relatively young and is of an enthusiastic and positive temperament. The other(a) therapist is quieter, mature, calibrated and much disciplined in his go on towards the work. The two therapists are expected to perform a whole range of duties like conducting an analysis of the issues at hand, conducting tests, assembling the equipment, and interacting with the patients and their family members. Being a therapist happens to be a stress intensive job and both the therapists tend to handle their jobs well in their own unique way. While the friendly nature of the younger therapist makes the patients feel at ease, the correspondence and confidence of the older therapist leaves his patients calm and reassured. Despite their conducting periodical meetings, the relationship amongst the two therapists is pronounced by high conflict and disagreement, owing to the large scale and considerable differences in their approaches and ideas towards their work. The differences existing between these two therapists certainly need some astute conflict management (Farmer, 2009).The older therapists approach towards ones work is very conservative while the younger therapist is more adventurous and spontaneous in his approach and wants to incorporate new challenges and issues in the organizational list of priorities. A conflict of opinion in the theatre of operations of organizational priorities often has the potential to affect efficiency and productivity (Kerina, 2009). Whi le the older therapist intends to be fixed and obstinate in his adherence to safety procedures, his younger counterpart believes in taking chances and to react according to the situation at hand. This environment of high conflict is negatively influencing the working of other therapists at bottom the organization.

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Neuropsychological Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Neuropsychological Impact - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, impulses were sent by waves on unmyelinated fibers. If a single peripheral fiber has been damaged, the myelins example gives off a track that is responsible for its regeneration. The myelin sheath does not always attain the meliorate regeneration for each(prenominal) fiber. Sometimes, the correct muscles fibers are nowhere to be found so some go neurons of the peripheral nervous system die. When the myelin layer is damaged, the individual may be prone to a higher level of dysfunctionality. Unmyelinated fibers and myelinated axons of the mammalian central nervous system do not regenerate. The reason for this is that the CNS of mammals in enclosed in the spinal column, which has a lesser deal of trauma rather than the peripheral nervous system. Research shows that optic nerve fibers in postnatal rats can regroup. provided its regeneration often depends on two conditions namely axonal die-back has to be prevented with ap propriate neurotrophic factors and neurite growth restrictive components have to be inactivated. This led the scientists to further understand the regeneration of nerve fibers in mammalian CNS. For invertebrates, reference of action potentials in unmyelinated axons is sufficient to run fast. To accelerate the speed, the axon should be a lowly larger. Increasing the speed of action potentials and increasing the diameter of the axon is not possible in vertebrates. Angeli et al. s (2010) mentions that Squid devil axons spread up to 1 mm in diameter and have a great speed. Mammalian nerves have about 400 fibers in the same cross-sectional expanse as the squid giant axon. So if every nerve fiber is size of the squid giant axon, every nerve in mammals would be about 2 cm in diameter. Thus a different... This paper stresses that MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the chief and spinal cord, in communication with each other. Nerve cells communicate by electrical signals called ac tion potentials on long-fiber axons that are wrapped in an insulating ticker called myelin. In MS, the immune system attacks and damages the myelin.In case of loss of myelin, axons can no semipermanent effectively carry signals. Name comes from multiple sclerosis, scarring and in particular in the white matter of the brain and spinal cord, which consists mainly of myelin. Although much is know about the procedures involved in the disease, the cause remains unknown. Theories take genetics or infections. Many environmental risk factors have been found. Almost all of the neurological symptoms may occur with the disease and often progresses to physical and cognitive disabilities. MS takes several forms, with new symptoms occurring either accumulates in discrete attacks or slowly over time.This report makes a conclusion that there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Treatment attempted return of function after an attack, preventing new attacks and prevent disability. MS drugs can have side effects or bad to be tolerated and many patient roles pursue alternate treatments, despite the lack of support for scientific studies. The prognosis is difficult to predict, depending on the subtype of disease, disease characteristics of each patient the first symptoms and the degree of disability the person experiences as time advances, the life expectancy of patients 5-10 years jr. with respect to the affected population.

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Victorian society Essay Example for Free

Victorian society Essay hellion concentrates on using emotive language through out this chapter. He does this to encourage the reader to empathise and sympathise with Oliver. For example, pitiful. teeny companions in misery. the only friends he had ever kn avow. And also reck little with misery these quotations emphasise just how wretched and awful Olivers childhood must have been. Throughout this chapter, Dickens challenges the charitable organisations run by the church service and government.The people who ran these institutions believed that poverty is the consequence of laziness and that the dreadful conditions in which they were forced to live would laud them to soften themselves. Through this novel, Dickens tries to push back across that that is not true and that poor people are real people, with real feeling and real aspirations to better themselves. Dickens concentrates on criticising Mrs. Mann, Mr. Bumble and the Board members to emphasise barely how cruel, de generateful and hypocritical they are.He is presenting Oliver to be half-starved and exploited, yet still pure at heart, to get across the point that poor people arent born with the will to be criminals, but the environments, and adverse situations, are what cause criminal behaviour. He is continually criticising these characters because he has very strong views about the neglect and exploitation of children in the society of the Victorian period. The second extract which I am going to explore, with reference to the question, is Chapter Four, empower Chapter IV.Oliver, being offered another place, makes his first entry into public life. This chapter tells us of how Oliver is dispatched to Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker, and how he is greeted there. The arrangements made to dispose of Oliver were that, if a tradesman, approved by the Board, was to request Oliver as an apprentice, then he should receive the boy and a summation of five pounds.At the onset of the chapter, when the Board are discussing whether or not to send Oliver to sea or not, they make a very interesting conclusion -The probability being, that the skipper would flog him to death, in a playful mood or would knock his brains out with an iron bar both pastimes being as is pretty generally known, very favourite and common recreations among gentlemen of that class. This shows us their ignorance and misunderstanding of human nature. Also, it reveals how unfeeling and malicious those gentlemen are, because they decide that sending Oliver to sea would be a very advantageous way of providing for Oliver effectually. However, when Mr.Bumble brings Mr. Sowerberry in preliminary of the Board, Olivers fate was changed. He was to be dispatched to Mr. Sowerberrys upon liking. This means that if the boys master can get enough work out of him without giving him too much food, then he shall have the boy for a term of long time to do what he likes with. That evening Oliver was taken before the Board and i nformed of his fate. He was also told that if he complained or was sent back to the parish, then he was to be sent to sea, there to be drowned, or knocked on the head. This is a cruel way to threaten a young boy and just goes to show how malicious and heartless these characters are. Dickens is continuing to develop a feeling of detestation towards the Board and he criticises its members relentlessly throughout this section of the chapter. He clearly unwraps his dislike of this aspect of Victorian society, which allows such acts of cruelness to go unchecked Dickenss character descriptions are renowned for their effectiveness and accuracy. In this chapter, he describes Mrs. Sowerberry as a short, thin squeezed up woman with a vixenish countenance.This gives the impression of slyness and vitriolicness, which is further enforced by her pettish behaviour and also by her telling Oliver You dont mind sleeping among the coffins, I suppose you affectation sleep anywhere else. It is well known that children have very active imaginations so sleeping among coffins wouldnt inspire many pleasant thoughts into a childs mind. Yet Mrs. Sowerberry show no understanding of this and just leaves Oliver alone in a room full of coffins. This highlights the fact that the Victorians had no concept or knowledge of child reading and psychology.For instance, there was no awareness of adolescence. They thought that people changed directly from children to adults. There was no understanding of the adolescent years, so people were either treated as children or as adults, never teenagers. A small, preferably discreet bit of Dickensian irony in this chapter is the matter of the parochial seal. It is Mr. Bumble who sheds light upon this matter. He say . the parochial seal the Good Samaritan healing the sick(p) and bruised man. The irony meant here is very clear. Oliver symbolises the sick and bruised man yet the parish did nothing for him but make his situation worse.They didnt do an ything to heal him after his traumatic childhood at the hands of Mrs. Mann. If anything they treated him even more appallingly. Dickenss use of emotive language in this chapter is for much the same purpose as in the last chapter. He aims to create an even greater feeling of sympathy towards Oliver. Quotations such as with tears of real agony and Oliver piteous and helpless formula increase the readers sympathetic feeling towards him. In this extract I think Dickens was concentrating on making the reader see how badly Oliver is neglected and mistreated by adults.He also uses this chapter to further criticise the behaviour of the Board members and also the behaviour of Mrs. Sowerberry. Dickens is again demonstrating how he detests the ways in which the adults trim down cruelty and neglect upon their young charges, and are allowed to get away with it because of the state of society at that time. Charles Dickens was only twenty-four years old when he wrote Oliver Twist. Yet in it, he effectively and comprehensively criticises Victorian society for its hypocrisy and the way in which it allowed poverty-stricken children, like Oliver, to be the victims of adult cruelty, neglect and exploitation.To do this, he uses his skilful character descriptions throughout the novel. For example, in Chapter Two, the Board members are described as the fat gentlemen and Oliver and his companions are described as suffering the slow tortures of slow starvation. This is implicitly emphasises to show the avarice of the gentlemen, to the point where they have twice as much food as they need and their workers have less than half of what they need. He also uses ironic authorial comments throughout the novel, which are an effective way of emphasising his own views on Victorian society.Examples of this can be found throughout the book and Dickens has made his views abruptly clear to his readers. Another way in which he criticises Victorian society is in his direct, open criticisms of th e unpleasant ways in which the adult characters treat Oliver. In Chapter Two, Oliver is asked if he said his prayers every night -like a Christian. And Dickens says, at length, that it would have been marvellously good if he had done so but he hadnt, because nobody had taught him.Other more discreet techniques of communicating his criticisms can be found throughout the novel. Firstly, the titles of the chapters display ironic tendencies. For example, Chapter two is entitled Treats of Oliver Twists growth, education and board. Yet from reading the chapter, anyone can tell that his childhood was removed from a treat, unless being locked in a cupboard on your ninth birthday for being starved could be considered a treat. Thus it can be assumed that Dickens was being ironic when date the chapter.

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Hippie Culture Essay Example for Free

Hippie Culture turn upFew social faecal matters attach the twentieth century in the United States as the protest movement of the 1960s. However, despite the scope and scale of such a wide movement that encapsulated so mevery diametrical slews and ca works, including voting rights, womens rights, civil rights, and ending the contend in Vietnam, the movement is better known by a stereotype of the type of people that seemed so instrumental in perpetuating the movement hippys.Though the bully majority of those in the protest movement were not hipsters, the movies, medical specialty, and cultural events that marked the times were dominated by hippie culture, and fewer events represented this fact as the stereotype-reinforcing Woodstock practice of medicine Festival. By the time Woodstock happened in 1969, the hippie movement was already something that had been growing the entire decade and most people who were not hippies had a good idea what a hippie was. If one would hav e to describe a hippie then, it could be utter to be a young man or woman that was dirty, hairy, unemployed, and on drugs.While these be only a few attri only whenes ascribed to a few hippies, the stereotypes became so strong that they were hard to remove from the different significant contributions they made, including in music, art, culture, and social awareness. So, while hippies were far more complex than most people chose to see them, they were pigeonholed to the stereotype of spoiled middle-class kids with too much time and freedom, and who refused to do their patriotic duties as their mothers and fathers had done before them, most specifically by starting families and fighting in the countrys wars.However, the decade leading up to Woodstock only helped reinforce many of these stereotypes. Hippie culture could have been said to begin the words and ideas of the Beat writers such as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and others. These writers laid the foundation for the rebellious , anti-establishment ideals that would come to be so strongly embraced by the hippie culture during the 1960s. However, it would be Bob Dylan, who was strongly influenced by the Beats, who would use their ideas in his kin music.Dylans generality not only made folk music popular, but his songwriting overly tackled many of the issues of the time, including war, civil rights, and the basic questions of whether America was heading in the right direction, and if not, why. Dylans music influenced the songwriting of roughly every major recording artist that came after him, or at least any that achieved any amount of success. Through Dylan and those he influenced, music became the first defining characteristic of hippie culture, showing a long history of music defining cultural movements and times through its almost religious notion on those that listen to it.Religious forces, like art, music, and everything that inspires classification as sacred, Emile Durkheim (1965) writes do not tr anslate the elan in which physical things affect our senses, but the way in which the collective consciousness acts upon individual consciousnesses (1965, p. 254). euphony has the ability to act as a symbol of this collective consciousness, bringing the masses together to fete a shared philosophy or perspective. While many contend that art and music is zilch more than an escape from the everyday anxieties that life offers up, it is far more than that.Similar to the sacred in religion, which Durkheim asserts is not rooted in fear as humanist and existentialist theorists claim, but in the idealism of the collective mentality, music becomes sacred when presented in a way that appeals to the individual and the collective. Music and those who perform it act in ways similar to religious totems, representing the ideals of the collective and how they inhabit the individual, and take their roots in exhalation and celebration. harmonise to Durkheim, In fine, the sentiments at the root o f totemism are those of happy confidence rather than terror and compression (1965, p. 56).Music became the inspiration for hippie culture and gave them the confidence to fight back against ideals they saw as wrong, including the Vietnam War. There was no better representation of this than Woodstock. The Woodstock Music Art Festival that took place on a farm proficient Woodstock, New York, August 15 through August 18, 1969 not only assembled some of the greatest rock, pop, and folk musicians of the day, but also had a half million enthusiastic young and old fans celebrating life and music in a concert that changed the way the younger generation was viewed.After Woodstock, the burgeoning counter culture explode into the mainstream, as the entire United States realized that the hippie culture was a force that could not be ignored, and its icons such as The Who, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Jimi Hendrix reinforced many of the stereotypes of long hair, reckless behavior, and sexuality . Woodstock would become a legendary drunken reveller of drug use, sexual intercourse, nudity, and mud, but also of peace, love, and a general togetherness that also characterized hippie culture. Another popular stereotype was the hippie general disregard for all authority, and Woodstock was no different.Over one-hundred thousand tickets had been sold to the event, but soon fans were crashing over fences and simply began streaming in to see the show (Woodstock. com, 2009). However, there were very few incidents of violence and the festival went on to become one of the iconic points in the culture of the 1960s. It also marked the beginning of the end of hippie culture. Woodstock was the last hurrah for a generation of young men and women that did their scoop out to rebel against the previous generations and create their own persona.Unfortunately, stereotypes were rich and long concerning hippie culture, and Woodstock did well to encourage both(prenominal) the good and bad stereoty pes. They displayed their amazing music and free-loving culture, but also their drug abuse and contentment with filth. By the time the 1970s began, hippie culture was all but dead, even though many of the hippies continued to live on. Today, hippies are seen as largely a joke and very superficial, which may speak of their ultimate failure to live up to their own ideals.The country is still largely buttoned-down in many regards, still refuses many of the ideals of peace and love that the hippies inspired, and is still at war with foreign countries. Hippies are now seen in modern form as environmentalists, annoying activists for un-American or unethical causes, potheads or vegetarians. Hippies are no longer seen as a viable threat to the conservative ideals of the United States, and have in essence become all style and no substance. While stereotypes helped perpetuate the romantic notion of the idealistic hippie, they just as equally helped destroy a notion that never really existe d in the first place.

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Herbal Medicine Essay Example for Free

herb tea Medicine EssayAnything that exists on the earth has a need for survival. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), herbal practice of medicines refers to health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plant, animal and mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises, applied singularly or in combination to treat, diagnose and prohibit illnesses or to maintain well-being. Different types of herbal medicines argon widely applied in Asia, Africa, and Latin the States to meet primary health-care needs. Herbal medicines have maintained its popularity in most regions of the developing world. The application is excessively rapidly spreading in industrialized countries. Worldwide, among all the different traditional medicine systems, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is currently the most popular, followed by Indian medicine.Herbal medicine refers to using a plants seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside of conventional medicine. It is in any case called botanical medicine or phytomedicine. It is becoming more main stream as improvements in analysis and quality discover along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease. Herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions, such as asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, menopausal symptoms, degenerative fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer, among others. Herbal supplements are best taken under the guidance of a trained health care provider.Recently, the World Health Organization estimated that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care. In Germany, about 600 700 plant based medicines are available and are prescribed by some 70% of German physicians. In the past 20 years in the United States, public dissatisfaction w ith the cost of prescription medications, combined with an interest in reverting to natural or organic remedies, has led to an increase in herbal medicine use. Whenever a socialization attempts to assimilate alien ideas, social stresses are bound to occur, especially when such ideas threaten the dominion of major(ip) economic and political interests. Mistakes are likely to arise while attempting to implement these ideas.In the case of Chinese herbal knowledge, its use by people unfamiliar with its rules and protocols invariably leads to mishaps either the herbs or formulas fail to fiddle as expected, or worse, side effects may result whenever herbs are used in contraindicated conditions. In the political and economic realms, government regulators unfamiliar with the unique characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine may lower restrictions upon Chinese herbal practice that inhibit its effective application and suffocate its future development deep down our culture. The effect iveness of modern herbal practice suggests that we begin our search by understanding the complete nub of herbalism. Herbs are grown and collected from all over the world. There is nothing magical about an herb effective medicinal herbs can be found everywhere that plants grow.There is indeed a want in making life better by introducing natural herbal dietary supplements in the country. inwardly the past decade, herbal medicine has gained increasing importance, with both medical and economic implications. In developing countries particularly, as often as 80percent of the indigenous population still depends on traditional systems of medicine and medicinal plants for healthcare. almost common herbs and their uses are discussed below.* Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) has been used in traditional medicine to treat circulatory disorders and nurture memory. Although not all studies agree, ginkgo may be especially effective in treating dementia (including Alzheimers disease) and sporadic claud ication (poor circulation in the legs). * Kava kava (Piper methysticum) is said to elevate mood, enhance well-being and contentment, and produce a feeling of relaxation. Several studies have found that kava may be useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and related nervous disorders.* Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is used by more than 2 million men in the United States for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. A number of studies suggest that the herb is effective for treating symptoms, including frequent urination, having trouble starting or maintaining urination, and needing to urinate during the night.* Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a popular utility(a) to commonly prescribed medications for sleep problems because it is considered to be both safe and gentle. * genus Echinacea preparations (from Echinacea purpurea and other Echinacea species) may improve the bodys natural immunity. Echinacea is one of the most commonly used herbal products, and studies are mixed as to whether it can help prevent or treat colds. We chose to have a research study on this topic because I think this can be a way of life of spreading awareness among people that there can be cheaper way of treating from upset stomachs to headaches. They are also considered natural and therefore healthier and gentler than conventional drugs. So, why is there need to spend so much on expensive drugs uselessly when there is a better option.

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Indonesia Essay Example for Free

Indonesia EssayIn the past, people in the Indonesia used to eat healthy and freshly prepared solid food with their families in their home. However, some people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza pie because it is really tasty. There are several causes and rigs of consuming fast food, and this change has occurred such as change in lifestyle, influence in advertising, doctor on health, loss of the family tradition of eating together, and impact on the economy. First, there are several causes for the popularity of fast food. A first case is the change in lifestyle.Many people in the Indonesia are working long hours, shifts, or extended school days. They do not have time to find ingredients or prepare goodish food. A second reason is advertising. The Indonesia is a modern with all forms of media such as the Internet and satellite television, and people like to get word new products and different kinds of fast food. However, this change can have some serious effects. One effect is on health. Many people in the Indonesiaare becoming obese. These people will be slight(prenominal) productive and have conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.Another result of fast food culture is the loss of the family tradition of eating together. Children and adults rarely eat together now, and thus get less opportunity to talk. A further effect is on the economy. Although fast food is not very expensive, it is to a greater extent expensive than cooking properly for yourselves. Many of the fast-food companies are franchisees of foreign corporations, so profits leave the country. In conclusion, fast food, although it is convenient and delicious, it can have serious health and social effects. People should learn to read fast food carefully and remember the pleasure of eating good food in good company.

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Life Suceed In That It Seems To Fail Essay Example for Free

Life Suceed In That It Seems To distribute EssayLife has resilient nature, it never let hope to cut off even in the lurch. It arrives at specific conditioning through entertaining demands at variable intervals and in variable amounts and just about times at discretion. This get downs up with optimism. Optimism let one to crow over even in adverse conditions. In fact life do miracles in lurch conditions and turns the corner. It triumphs, when there is no hope of its victory. tralatitious stories, which argon being recounted by a man to a child, have the ultimate positive end. They implants in the flesh and blood that every bad and the worst have a well chosen end. And in actual the same comes about. A death bed patient, for an ordinary example, bears a charmed life. A stuck application in a mine is rescued after a couple of days. These off and then are the very reason that the hope dies but with the last breath.If we dive deep in the history of world, we come up that every t ime when there was no way out but stars were in the ascendant. Subcontinents set in 17th century was hanging in balance. All India National Congress decided it in complete darkness. Germany, when it was quite at sea, found the hope in the shape of Hitler. USA was quite at its wits end and was about to gave up all in vain after ten long time war but it made a pile and turned the table by killing Osama.On contrary there are many cases where felicity is left awaited and never comes. A sad poor man facing adverse economic situations, for instance, annihilates itself because he/she remains unable to discover at large(p) in future.Over all, life is beautiful having optimistic nature and whenever it is being challenged it nails its color to the mast.

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P.E training program- fitness Essay Example for Free

P.E training program- fitness EssayGeneral fitness-Speed is the ability to perform a driving or cover a distance in a short period of time. A middle fielder inquires speed to out run other players or to snapshot on to a loose earth.Muscular endurance- is the ability of the muscles to work for a long period of time without tiring. In foot lummox you deprivation it to be able to run or so the foot crackpot pitch for the whole 90 proceeding.Flexibility- you set down flexibility as you doctor older. It is grievous to warm up and cool down before and aft(prenominal) a match. In foot evening gown most players in the team need to be flexible, for example to pass the ball, but in like manner the goal saveer has to be very(prenominal) flexible to be able to make ambitious saves.Cardiovascular endurance- requires the heart and blood vessels to supply the working muscles with oxygen for long periods of time without tiring overly much. This is needed in football because you run around a lot and you need our heart and lungs to bed with the activity for the whole 90 minutes.Strength- is normally measured by the amount of weight the muscles can lift, or applying a force against a resistance. This is use in football when we tackle or atomic number 18 existence marked and your shoulder to shoulder you need strength to hold others off.Skill related fitness- sleep- is the ability to keep up right while you argon standing still or moving, this is needed in football when kicking the ball because you are balancing on one leg.Co-ordination- is the ablity to use different senses and body split together in football this is needed between eye and foot, so you kick the ball and not miss especially volleying.Speed of reaction- is needed on the pitch so when an over ball is contend your on-side and make your run perfectly to lose the defender.Timing- is needed in football to kick the ball at the right time to get the perfect touch.Agility- is the ability to chang e direction of the body in football we use this to help loose a defender by turning at speed, it can also help when your in the box for the corner to lose a defender so you can get up for a header.Physical skills-Kicking- is very important because the game is using your feet and you need to kick the ball to get the ball round the pitch.Shooting- is obligatory to be able to shoot as in allege to win the game you need to get and in order to score you need to SHOOT to ball into the goal past the keeper.Tackling- is very important to stop opponents from scoring but some times players timings are not quiet right and cause a dangerous tackle resulting in another players injury.Marking- is necessary to hold off opponents encounters and not losing the person your defending.Heading- is important to either score from a high ball crossed in or clear the ball away from a opponent in the air.Dribbling- is very important to get the ball closer to your opponents goal. There is 2 types of dribb ling*Firstly when your jogging and charge the ball closer to your feet.*Secondly when you knock the ball ahead of you a couple of metres and sprint to catch up with it, this is used to knock the ball past the defender.Other attributes-Concentration- is extremely important because if youre a goalkeeper and you breakt gift anything to do for 30minutes you might switch off and let in a shot which if you were concentrating you would have saved.Motivation- is very important because if you want to win but go a goal down if you and your team are motivated enough you will be trying to score 2 goals and keep fighting.Confidence- is needed so you have the confidence in your self so you conceive your ability and get stuck in.Most important skills and techniques in football.Speed is essential in football it is used throughout the game whether you are an attacker or a defender. For example if you are an attacker and you need to out run a defender to get the ball, to get past a defender and h ave a attack on goal or if your defending and there is a break you need to run as fast as possible with the ball (or in support) to the oppositions half to make an attack before their defenders catch up with you.Muscular endurance is needed 100% in football because if you are running around for 90 minutes your no use to your team if after 60 minutes you have a stitch and need to be substituted. Muscular endurance can be amend over time with a training program.Cardiovascular endurance is essential so that you can utmost the whole 90 minutes. If somebodys cardiovascular endurance was not very good and they ran around for 90 minutes it could cause them to pass out because there heart and lungs can not scud the strain. Smoking will also effect your cardiovascular endurance because if your trying to take in more oxygen the tar built up around your hearts arteries makes the oxygens gap smaller letting oxygen though slower then needed causing short of breath quicker. isotropy is essen tial because in order to kick the ball you must stand on one leg, if you dont have good balance you may fall over before your foot reaches the ball. Balance can not be improved, your either have good balance or you dont.Co-ordination is important football players need co-ordination between their eye and foot so they make contact with the ball. Skills on the ball are only preformed if the player has good co-ordination otherwise tricks become unsuccessful.

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The Problem of the One and Many Essay Example for Free

The Problem of the unrivalled and Many EssayIntroduction In a quest to inquire into macrocosm, metaphysics is confronted by totalness native question that is reality constituted by ace macrocosm or are in that respect more beings? This question establishes the central problem of metaphysics that is kn proclaim as the problem of the one and many. Parmenides who first dealt with the genius of being and considered being as being as the source of unification of all reality, held that ultimately at that place pull rounds a One Being. It follows that this being is changeless, indivisible and is the source of sameness until now as it is one nothing dissents from it. Hence, according to Parmenides, the senses deceive us in reporting reality as many. This doctrine of sightedness reality as one is called monism. On the some other hand, empirists in addition hold a pluralistic billet of reality when they reject the notion of being and favour the reality of observable or con crete beings subsisting positively. Many philosophers endeavor to give a philosophical dissolving agent to the aforementioned problem that takes into account ii doctrines, monism and pluralism. St. Thomas doubting Thomas is credited with providing such a solution to the problem of the one and many.It is precisely the butt of this paper to discuss the one and many as a metaphysical problem vis-a-vis the solution proposed by Aquinas. To do this, we shall firstly present the nature of the problem in relation to Parmenides earliest ruling of being. Further we shall expose the standpoint of Plato who earlier made strides in a bid to solve the problem. Lastly, we give discuss the solution suggested by Aquinas. Exposition of the problem and Parmenides view of being Common sense run into affirms that there are distinct beings existing in reality.Regardless of the differences subsisting among concrete beings, they are similar and think by one common denominator that is actual creat ive activity. Thus, beings are identical by the fact that they exist and distinct s criminate on grounds that each being is insofar as it is not the other. From this posting we can derive two underlying elements that lie beneath the notion of being. These are bill and similarity. When we go bad and assert the elements separately we are able to discover that each element constructs a concept of its own pertaining the nature of being.For instance, the affirmation of distinction at heart being implies multiplicity of being or being as many. Equally, when we approve of similarity in being, the resultant concept affirms being as one insofar as nothing negates this sameness of being. Meanwhile, the simultaneous affirmation of the said elements demonstrates that, the sum total of being is both(prenominal) one and the many. The preceding observation poses a great challenge on how to reconcile the affirmation of distinction in being which imply plurality, on one hand, and similarity in the same being which think oneness of being, on the other hand.The potential danger of affirming either one of the concepts results in a monistic or pluralistic conception of being. As noted earlier, Parmenides who negated diversity within being as this would imply that reality is a composition of distinct beings, fell prey to the former doctrine. Nonetheless, his contention that being cannot differ from being unless by non-being. And that, insofar as non-being is nothing, not real, it cannot differentiate being, thus reality cannot be many, exerts an big challenge on the task of philosophers to prove the reality of non-being so as to account for the multiplicity of being.Platos standpoint on the problem of the one and many Plato somehow agrees with Parmenides that in order to account for the multiplicity of being, being cannot differ from being by being because it is the same being in question. Rather besides by non-being can it differ. In contrast with the aforesaid Parmenide s argument, Plato argues that what is not in some sense also is. According to Plato non-being is real in the sense that it is an exclusion of other possible beings beyond a authentic point. In other words, non-being is that which lacks in a given being, thus making it differ from the other.For instance, the exclusion or lack of rationality in a dog is something real as it differentiates it from a man. Thus, Plato identifies non-being with the dominion of restriction in being. This principle of limitation denotes an exclusion of no-more being or a confinement of this being within its nature so that it is distinct from the other. Thus far, we can then infer that the principle of limitation in being according to Plato allows each being to participate in existence in a certain(prenominal) manner as firm by its limitation in it.Consequently, the participation of each being in reality as determined by its principle of limit entails distinction and thus, indicates the plurality of bei ngs. Apparently, we may take off that Plato has given a preliminary solution to the problem however his solution remains basic and dull in relation to what really is meant by the principle of limit. ST. Thomas Aquinas solutions Aquinas begins by analysing the morphological composition within the dimension of being. This inquiry into the inner nature of being is ignited by Aquinass contention that every real being compared to every other is both like other being in that it actually is and unlike it in that it is this being and not that one.The idea of similitude and unlikeness perceived in real beings correlates precisely with an assumption that within each being there exists a composition of two co- principles that accounts for the likeness and the unlikeness of beings. Aquinas identifies the co- principles as limitation and the act of to be or simply existence. According to Aquinas the principle of limitation is push linked to the principle of peaceable authority that recei ves a certain degree of the perfections of existence as it permits. In other words, the principle of unresisting potentiality limits the received act of to be or existence.Thus, each real being has the potency within it to be this kind of being as determined by the principle of passive voice potentiality in it. Aquinas names the principle of limitation or passive potentiality as onus. He further calls the combination of essence and existence in finite beings as real metaphysical composition. Accordingly, he argues that the two principles in finite beings, essence and existence have to be distinct so as to denote their potentiality to be and that existence is not proper and intrinsic to their nature.Contrary to this assertion however, the two principles in God are not distinct because God as Aquinas observes has no commixture of potency but is pure act. From the forgoing observation we are able according to Aquinas, to reason out that there are many existing beings in reality bec ause in each being, actual existence, which in itself implies no limitation, is received into a distinct principle, essence, which limits the received act of existence. Hence, essence in this sense, becomes that which makes a being what it is and without which, it would not be that being.In a similar vein, the act of existence is a positive principle with unlimited perfections through which real beings as permitted by the essences receive perfections. Furthermore, Aquinas develops a very authoritative principle pertaining the act of essence or passive potency to receive the act to be, in a being. The principle is called participation. He contends that each being participate in the perfections of existence, which in itself is unlimited that is, each being has a share or degree of perfections of existence to the extent the limiting essence will permit. For instance, the existence and activities of a man are confined within mans nature or essence. Therefore, owe to the fact that there are inexhaustible number of potentialities for existence, the principle of passive potentiality as passive potency results in a multitude of beings each distinct by the degree of no-more being as placed by its essence on the act of existing when each being participates in existence. last It is thus clear that Aquinas has given a true solution to the problem of the one and many.He has demonstrated and justified the harmony of the one and many as inseparably constituting being. However, in as often as the two principles are inseparable, they are also distinct so much so that neither of them can exist without the other. Thus, the union of the act of existing and the principle of passive potentiality or essence forms a composition in which the two principles are mutually the determination of each other and of the whole being. Further, the solution of Aquinas highlighted the principle of participation of each being in the perfections of existence as determined by their essences.Existen ce possesses unlimited perfections that are received into distinct essences so that the same existence which implies no limitation in itself becomes a limited act upon being accommodated in a particular potentiality to be. We therefore conclude by acknowledging the comprehensive and substantial solution of St. Thomas Aquinas to the problem of the one and many as discussed in this paper. Bibliography CLARKE, N. W. , The One and Many a Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysics, University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, Indiana 2001. CONFORD, F. M. , trans.Plato and Parmenides Parmenides focus of Truth and Platos Parmenides, Bobbs- Merrill Company Inc. Indianapolis, N. Y. 1957. HART, C. A. , Thomistic Metaphysics An doubt into the Act of Existing, Prentice- Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 1959. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS, Summa Contra Gentiles, trans. A. C. PEGIS, Doubleday and Company. Inc. , Garden City, N. Y. 1955. Electronic Source PLATO, The Sophist, trans. L. B. VANGHAN, acquirable at h ttp//www. schillerinstitute. org/transl/trans_pl_sophist. html Accessed 18th October 2011. 2 .F. M. CONFORD, trans. Plato and Parmenides Parmenides Way of Truth and Platos Parmenides, Bobbs- Merrill Company Inc. , Indianapolis, N. Y. 1957, 29. 3 . A. C. HART, Thomistic Metaphysics An Inquiry into the Act of Existing, Prentice- Hall, Inc. , Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 1959, 80. 4 . W. N. CLARKE, The One and Many a Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysics, University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, Indiana 2001, 72. 5 . PLATO, The Sophist, trans. L. B. VANGHAN, procurable at http//www. schillerinstitute. org/transl/trans pl_sophist. html Accessed 18th October 2011. 6 . A. C. HART, Thomistic Metaphysics, 80. 7 . A. C. HART, Thomistic Metaphysics, 81. 8 . W. N. CLARKE, The One and Many, 80. 9 . A. C. 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American Prohibition Essay Example for Free

American breastwork Essay Also cognize as the Volstead Act, named after Re commonan Senator Andrew J. Volstead, the National Prohibition Act was designed to improve the morality of the nation. However, prohibition, the grand Experiment, failed miserably in this respect. Focus/Argument Prohibition in fact failed to bolster morals as hoped, tho instead led to an increase in violent crime and caused morals to slip overdue to reactionary protest from the quite a little. Paper should focus on the major cities of the twenties a lot(prenominal) as Chicago, new York, and St. Louis.Special attention should be focused on the mafia, gangland violence, and bootlegging, as vigorous as the disseminate of speakeasies and the resulting Jazz culture (flappers, corruption, etc). Introduction The so-called Temperance movement, which in fact opposed temperate and prudent enjoyment of intoxicant beverages, proposed that to defeat the disease of alcohol dependency among the few allegedl y required abstemiousness from the some(prenominal). 1 This was the rationale which en suitabled the 18th amendment to the U. S. character to be passed.Also known as the Volstead Act, named after its antecedent the Republican senator Andrew J. Volstead, the National Prohibition Act was designed to improve the morality of the nation. However, prohibition, the Noble Experiment, failed miserably in this respect. 2 In fact, it caused an increase in crime and gave impetus to violence on a shell non seen since the days of the old west. Morality also became increasingly lax as speakeasies, Jazz, sexual promiscuity, and flappers mushroomed crossways the nation, giving full meaning to the term, The Roaring Twenties. Coupled with post-war prosperity with people having more money and measure off than ever before, they looked for things to spend their earnings on as well as for ways to gasconade off steam. 3 The rise of popular legend stemming from the Prohibition years in the form of movies, books, and people such as mobster Al Capone and Treasury agent Elliott Ness, have had a lasting carry on on popular culture through modern times. The Prohibition decade was more than a prohibition on alcohol consumption it was a prohibition on morals which never has been repealed.American Prohibition Moral Decay and Corruption in the Roaring Twenties The 1920s went by various monikers such as the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties. It was a time of prosperity for most Americans. Scientific and technological improvements increased industrial production. The automobile, electric appliances, chemical and construction industries expanded tremendously during the 1920s. People were generally able to submit to luxuries. The 1920s was also an era of wild gaiety for part of the population. Novels of the period stressed the rise of the y breakh against the traditional values of their p arnts.These groups from the urban areas came to seem typical of the 1920s though actually umptee n more people were leading conservative lives. Women had been presumptuousness the right to vote in 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. For the first time, women wore their dresses short and bobbed their hair many wore make-up and smoked cigarettes. They became regulars in the dance scenes in clubs and cabarets where jazz was played. They were called flappers. Some imitated the movie stars they saw in silent files like the glamorous Gloria Swanson and Norma Talmadge and swooned over Rudolf Valentino. public lecture pictures were first introduced in 1927 featuring the Jazz Singer. Jazz music was played everywhere and was most popular in the urban area of New York as it seemed to embody the vitality of the city. Speakeasies sprouted everywhere. Its name bespoke quiet as these private clubs admonish its customers to speak easy or softly or the police superpower herar. Charles A. Lindbergh was a completely different type of national hero. In May 27, t his young man from the midwestern United States became the first person to fly alone, nonstop, across the Atlantic Ocean. 4 Prohibition was partly responsible for the daring, fool sulleny spirit of the twenties.An amendment to the Constitution was submitted to the commonwealths on December 18, 1917 and on January 29, 1919, the 18th Amendment was declared ratified, to wit Section 1. after one year from the ratification of this article, the manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited. 5 On January 16, 1920, the National Prohibition Act or, otherwise known as the Volstead Act, went into effect.The conservatives had long been job for temperance arguing that alcohol is the source of all ills. Science was used to give march that alcohol was linked to vices, diseases, suicide and leads to early death. The employers encouraged total abstinence so as to minimize industrial accidents and at the same time increase productivity. The religious community associated alcohol with evil. The womens group title it detrimental to family relations. 6 With the entry of the United States in World War I, they quickly gained supporters due to the exploitation resentment against anything German which included beer.Moreover, patriotism called for self-sacrifice and anyone who did not remain sober and defend the rude were met with hostility. During the war, the manufacture of beer and liquor had been prohibited to conserve grain and by July 1919, the sale of liquor had been stopped. With such public sentiment, the prohibitionists gained ground and the amendment was passed. 7 The day before the Volstead Act was to take effect, the Anti-Saloon League of New York make an affirmatory prediction by stating that, Tonight, John Barleycorn makes his last will and testament. Now for an era of clean idea and clean living 8 Instead, the opposite took place. Almost immediately, violations across the country were being reported. Police were carrying out raids of establishments who persisted in selling liquor. The law was observed mostly in the Midwest where the dry movement had begun, plainly in the large eastern cities the laws were flagrantly broken. As well, there were not enough Federal and state agents to enforce prohibition. In fact, now that is was illegal, more people began to drink more than ever. Such circumstances make Al Capone self-righteous enough to proclaim thatI make my money by supplying a public need. If I break the law, my customers, who number hundreds of the best people in Chicago, are as evil as I am. The only difference between us is that I sell and they buy. 9 Fortunes were made in bootlegging or the manufacture and sale of liquor illegally. Criminals organized mobs or syndicates to operate in certain areas. Al Capone was one of these of boss es. He held sway in Chicago and Cicero, Illinois, with an estimated 750 paid gunmen. Crime became large-minded business in other large cities, too. There were many kidnappings for ransom.Among them was Charles Lindberghs son who in 1932, was not only kidnapped but was also murdered. When prohibition ended in February 16, 1933 with the passing of the Twenty-first Amendment to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment, the mobs turned to protection rackets, slot machines and other gambling and the distribution of narcotics. 10 To be fair, the prohibition did unvarnished benefits though only for a short period. This could probably be because liquor was still relatively hard to find and when one did find it, the price of violation was high.This does not refer to the penalties to be imposed when caught but that the cost of liquor had survive so prohibitive that the average American earner could not afford a glass of cocktail. The prohibition had no effect on the rich, however, as they continued to drink well while the poor drank badly. This led to further divisiveness as it was becoming classifies as a class legislation. 11 In 1920, the year the law came into effect, there was a significant drop in the arrests for drinking which was nevertheless lower than 1918 and 1919 when Americans were voluntary abstaining from liquor due to wartime restrictions and patriotism.By 1921, however, arrests for drunkenness had once again risen with no indications of declining. This data can be seen in a 1926 hatful of 384 municipalities that was prepared by Stanley Shirk, the research handler of The Moderation League, Inc. The results as it was presented to the Senate Committee Hearing were as follows 12 Year Number of Arrests for Intoxication in 384 Communities Year Number of Arrests for Intoxication in 384 Communities 1914 523,049 1920 233,837 1915 528,347 1921 317,492 1916 557,634 1922 425,353 1917 542,039 1923 499,322 1918 423,048 1924 515,199 1919 309,760 1925 533,483The World Leag ue against Alcoholism likewise presented its own survey results in the same Senate Committee Hearing which compiled the records of 514 cities and towns. 13 Year Arrests for boozing per 10,000 Population Year Arrests for Drunkenness per 10,000 Population 1914 169 1920 60 1915 165 1921 84 1916 176 1922 111 1917 169 1923 126 1918 124 1924 127 1919 97 These figures also showed an increase in arrests after 1920, the bone-dry(prenominal) year, but it was contended that this was more due to increased police activity. The anti-Alcoholism League, at that time, can merely give a forecast that arrests will go down in 1925 and beyond.They pointed out that compared with the figures from 1914 to 1917 of the pre-prohibition years, recorded arrests after 1920 were still much lower. Regardless, whether we look at it from the wet or dry statistics, the data showed that the number of arrests for drunkenness was not receding. This gave evidence that for the primary objective of the National Prohibitio n Act was not met and could not be met. The numbers from 1918 to 1921 are also quite notable as it implied a change in the attitudes of the general population towards alcohol.By the time prohibition was put in effect, the wartime fervor seems to have already waned, abstinence had overstayed its welcome, drinking was no longer met with social disapproval and people were clamoring for a drink notwithstanding the law. Institutions and agencies were likewise passably tolerant of transgressions of the law and would accept any loophole around it. In courtrooms of Wyoming and San Francisco, judges and jury gave much gross profit to the defense to the point of allowing the evidence to be drunk which led to the technicality of lack of evidence against the bootlegger defendant and the cases were thrown out.Doctors could and did prescribe up to three pints of vitamin-enhanced whiskey which was in accordance with a independent Court ruling. Government beer was prescribed by the gallons for m edicinal purposes. 14 As a result, it had soon become a law that nobody wanted to obey thus making it harder to enforce. Thereupon, a general acquaintance followed that crime was prevalent. Foremost among these are convictions for crime which did not used to be treated as criminal before the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment.This perception of riot was compounded by the sensational publicity given to prohibition violations which had become daily news stories in the papers. In an age where cinema was most influential, many movies were produced that depicted a lot of drinking not by the villains but by the heroes and heroines. 15 big people have likewise testified before the Senate to express their opinion against the Volstead Act and argue for revision. They aimed to prove that lawlessness had in fact increase since it was passed.One of these opponents of prohibition was Michigan politician Charles S. Wood who contended that the statistics for the arrests on drunkenness would ac tually have been much greater except that people were doing their drinking inside homes and hotels rather than in saloons hence there is little chance for them to be caught drunk in the streets. 16 This can be corroborated by the increasing number of deaths recorded for cirrhosis of the liver. Alcoholic admissions in one New York hospital as recorded in the 1930s were over 1000 a year. Apparently, they became alcoholics during prohibition. 17

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The Vision of the New World That the Colonists Brought to America Essay Example for Free

The Vision of the radical World That the Colonists Brought to America Essay newborn Eng world, on the former(a) hand, had developed into a religion and family based society comprised of mostly middle class families by 1700. facial expression at the terrain, government, and the people themselves, reveals clues about how the drastic split in society came to be. While residing in England, the Puritans and fold Catholics faced persecution, which light-emitting diode to their immigration to the New World. Many groups and parishes applied for charters to America and, take by their priest, the Pilgrims and Puritans make the long voyage to North America. Their religion became a unique element in the New England colonies by 1700.Before landing, the groups settled on agreements, signing laws and pacts to ensure a community effort towards survival when they came to shore, and speckle settling in New England. Their strong sense of community and faith in God led them to develop a hard on the job(p) society by year 1700. Their towns were well organized, with the church being the instauration of everyones daily life, and they wanted to establish equality and have everyone working to constituteher in harmony. Family was an important objet dart of the Puritan religion, so their ships came with twenty-two men and twenty-one women, so there was stability.They learned useful earth techniques from the Native Americans, and farming was their prime source of the economy. The Puritan work ethic kept people from working for intense material gain. The Puritans were hard workers who had goal for a religiously purified town. Not everyone in England was facing vinegarish persecution and many travelers came to the New World with high hopes of fame and gold, which led to numerous conflicts. It was a land for the rich to get richer. The people that were assigned to the ships destined for Jamestown (Chesapeake Region) came without their families and their ages ranged from old to y oung, but mainly oung men. The men outnumbered the women six to one. This ca employ the society to be more chaotic because there were many broken families and a mad rush for the few women. The settlers in the Chesapeake region main goal were to get rich, or to gain young land and find gold. check to John Smith, all the people could do was live for gold it was their only purpose. The Chesapeake Bay settlers had to endure the rowdiness of their new environment. The climate was not favorable and nearly half of the people died because of exposure to diseases or starvation.Those that were favorable and survived these hardships were odd to fight with the local Indians. Dis-organized and unable to find mountains of gold, large tobacco plantations were started and farming was taken up by the settlers. These business men were not use to being agricultural farmers. This was why things were so unenviable in advance John Smith took lead of the colony with his You dont work, you dont tuck er out mentality. People were not accustomed to hard work and physical labor, and the colony was dying slow. As a result of the hardships the first importation of slavery began in the colonies.At first indentured servants were being used to work the fields, but they were far less exploited than the slaves. Indentured servants worked for the person who paid their way to the addiction until the depths were paid off, but soon their services were less useful and slaves were being imported in grand numbers. The colonial planters were making money and gaining large profits off of free labor. The development of the two cultures whitethorn also have been the result of the terrain the groups occupied. In the Chesapeake region, the colonists settled on swampy marshland that was hard to comprise and even more difficult to survive in.With so many people dying from disease and starvation, and the extreme shortage of marriageable women, the population grew slowly, if at all. Families were more groups of mangy children half related, from different fathers. Frequent finale made unnatural family life a common thing. In the New England colonies, the people chose flat, manageable undercoat that left them with easy to plow fields. The soil and religious beliefs were ideal for subsistence farming, which meant small, manageable farms that would provide for a family of octonary to ten. Since the farmers looked only to feed themselves, there was little, if any, need for extra abor having most, if not all, workers available inside their own family. The objurgate climate made disease a rarity in the colony, and death even more so. The equilibrize family life and food supply meant more able-minded colonists. Society had a patriarchal structure of man before woman and woman before child. Children themselves skipped over a childhood and were treated as adults at a very early age. They were expected to obey their parents and keep faith in the church. All these elements together led to Northern prosperity and growth. The land itself was important, more so was how it became used for profit.This land is money belief was a unique attribute of the region by 1700. The motive for profit also helped to develop society in the Chesapeake region. The Chesapeake men discovered tobacco and began a fierce production of it from their plantations. Since tobacco depleted the soil rapidly, new land was always a must. To acquire this land, wealthy owners paid for servants to be brought over and work the fields. individually was given a land grant of fifty acres, which was not worth all that much. However, the men were deliverance over ten, twenty, maybe even thirty servants to work in the tobacco fields.Thirty men at fifty acres a piece add up to a lot of land, so the land owners started to bring in slavery and more black people to work their fields. Instead of growing tobacco, New England farmers were most likely to produce barley or corn, which helped them stay well fed dur ing long wintertime months. They were more concerned with the survival of their families than the profit they could make from the rich soil, so the food was not interchange for a profit. Rather, the colony became self-supporting in the issue of food. With food taken care of, the New England colonies were left to import stoves, tea, and spices, among other things.Since they only needed to grow food to support their own family as subsistence farmers, New England farmers rarely had any more than their original acreage. This created a more equal reality for all owners, homely or struggling. The differences between the New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies led to separate societies by the time of the 1700s. Agriculture, motive, people, religion, and terrain are all factors that modify how they grew apart. However, it is also through the actions of the men and woman who settled in the regions, and the choices they made, that led to the development of these two colonies.

Responsibilities of a team leader Essay Example for Free

Responsibilities of a group leader EssayFour responsibilities of a squad leader in our organization1. Food alert files (Health and Safety, Food and Safety). First of entirely, to make sure that all tempt environment is safe for employees and customers. Second, to check if all departments are providing sober Food alert standards luck by government at endure place. As well, to make sure that all legally needed documents would be up to date. 2. Communication. All team leaders constantly need to be in adept communicational skills, if you want to run successful business. Everyday you surrender to communicate with Head office as well as new(prenominal) restaurants, to know whats happening in all company, using phones or e-mails. And dont forget to pass important news for team members. Inside the house, usually, Managers team is communication though the LogBook, and with team members during briefing times before sifts.3. Motivation is the driving force, which help courses u s to secure goals. Leaders using motivation will satisfy individual needs and team will have inspiration to complete the tasks. Its very important point in running business. Depending on how cause teams are, it may further determine the effort they put into their work and therefore increase the standard of the output. 4. Presenting ingenuous example and standards or the company.Team Leader always needs to be as example how to mo at work, and that other team members would be able to take some experience. If everyone will represent respectable company standards and will look after the customers well, they will not only think well of the team but also of the company in general.Two examples of the problems you would need to refer to someone with more authorization1. Racism. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone of the grounds of their race. If it would happen in work place, management team needs to investigate. proficient GM or Head office member has authority to take acti on on such a complaint. 2. Reconstruction. Every business has yearly budgets, if someone wants to reconstruct the building outside or internal it has to be approved by GM.Feedback on own performanceCollected feedback to identify one of my strengths as a team leader and one area for improvement Strength Organized team supporter. forever supporting team and showing organizational skills. Area for improvement rudeness, toughness. Sometimes, choosing wrong way of speaking + plus very demanding on the things to be done.Establishing trustOne thing to describe what you can do to plunge and maintain trust within the team you leadRespect for others. One of the most important points to work on. If it will be trust and understanding in the team, there will be respect and good atmosphere for work, witch will course business to run smooth. To maintain trust you have to work on couple of following points Time- set aside time to be with these pot, work with them, talk with them and level( p) so play with them. In the end you will gradually start to realize that there personality or point of view arent that hard to get along with after all. Patience The truth is that the best people, the smartest people and the most successful people take a good long look at other people and express empathy and selflessness towards the people they associate with. Listening- always to have time to listen for the others, to blackguard aside and to take a look at their opinion. Maybe some examples can be even better then yours. Laughing- its one of the important points, to build the team, not just to be a working robots. With the laugh in the teamwork will run perfectly, plus good relaxed atmosphere. Honesty- if you will be simple with them, they will be the same with you.