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Culinary Class - Food and Religion Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Culinary Class - Food and Religion - Term Paper ExampleMany baptise faiths associate various events with regimen regulation practices for instance. Orthodox and Catholic Church associate fasting with the beef up of prayer during hardships. This is related to the story of Jesus in the mountain the night before he was crucified. He knew he was going to go through a lot of suffering thus used his move moments to pray and fast in the mountain (Sanford, 2013). Christians also use this opportunity to share what they may submit saved in form of food with the poor societies and people living in harsh desert environments. During the lent period in the catholic calendar, Christians tend to avoid eating meat on Fridays to respect the death of Jesus Christ. Other Christians use this opportunity to sacrifice what they love in the form of food and distribute it to the needy communities (Wildman, 2010). Feeding the hungry is considered as an important practice in the Christian world. This is a way of following the example of Christ as he fed 5000 people with two lean and four loafs of bread. The ritual of communion is celebrated by Christians in many occasions. This ritual involves the eating of bread and drinking wine to commemorate the body and blood of Christ. Seventh day and Mormon Adventists are refrained from victorious alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. The seventh day Adventists do not take dairy products or meat repayable to their belief that dairy animals are productive animals just in the same way God provides for His people.The Buddhism religion considers all living beings as sacred. This has led to the practice of veganism and vegetarianism among religious members in the religion. It is a belief in the religion that all foods obtained from a form of violence or human aggressions are indeed considered to be bad (Diaz. 2012). The religion tries to maintain the principle of Ahisma which involves harmless and non-violence activities thus

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