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Majungatholus Atopus: A Dinosaur Cannibal :: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers

Majungatholus Atopus A Dinosaur CannibalThe dinosaur Majungatholus atopus is a meat-eating dinosaur that lived 65 to 70 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, in what is now the island of Madagascar. The Majungatholus has huge been known for being a carnivorous dinosaur, but it wasnt until recently that researchers revealed that this dinosaur was probably a elicitnibal. They were able to conclude that this was probably the case as a result of discovering several bones of the Majungatholus dinosaur with specific tooth marks in them that researchers have proven belonged to the Majungatholus dinosaur. In her 2003 press release for the National Science Foundation (NSF), Cheryl Dybas quoted the NSF program director Richard Lane, this research greatly expands our understanding of how dinosaur species related to each other in the context of their environment, and also serves as a way of increasing cosmos aw beness of and appreciation for the earth sciences.11 There was one other breakthrough of what might have been another cannibal dinosaur the Coelophysis bauri, a small Triassic theropod22, this discovery however has not yet been proven and may be unconfirmed. The discovery of the Majungatholus however has what geologist Raymond Rogers calls the smoking gun in the form of diagnostic tooth marks, which are a snapshot of a day in the life-- and deathof Majungatholus.33 There is however no demonstrate to point to whether or not Majungatholus killed its meals or simply scavenged. Rogers says the evidence for the theory of cannibalism comes from twenty-one tooth marked elements which were a part of two different Majungatholus individuals found in two isolated locations on the island of Madagascar.44 On these bones are distinct crops of tooth marks that point only to being from the jaws of a Majungatholus dinosaur the marks not only match the size and spacing of the teeth found in the jaws of the Majungatholus, but they also have the same small er grooves that match the sharp irregularities of this particular dinosaur. According to Rogers, measurements taken from the modified bones and the Majungatholus teeth are comparable.55 The set of parallel tooth marks found on one of the bones matched up with the same approximate inter-tooth spacing as the jaw of the Majungatholus. This particular dinosaur also can display an even pattern of tooth eruption that is evident in several of the bones in the sample.

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The Different Experience of Puerto Ricans Migration to the United States :: History Historical Puerto Rico Essays

The Different Experience of Puerto Ricans Migration to the United StatesSome people are inclined to view the Puerto Rican experience as a historical repetition of ahead migrations to the United States. However, the migration experience of Puerto Ricans to the United States is more complex, as well as one of a kind. Similarities do exist between the migration of Puerto Ricans and that of early(a) groups, however, no other ethnic group has shared the tribulations of the Puerto Rican population. Their experience is different from that of anyone else. When Puerto Ricans migrated to the United States they did it in two major rocks. The first wave of emigration occurred in the late ordinal century and early twentieth century. The second wave occurred from the 1940s to the present. The workings of Bernando Vega and Jose Cruz deal with the different generations of Puerto Ricans that these two waves brought to the United States. While Vega discusses the early emigration of Puerto Ricans t o youthful York City, Cruz discusses the later emigration of Puerto Ricans to Connecticut. Each author describes a different Puerto Rican experience in the United States. The experiences differed in most aspects from the context in which each wave of emigration occurred to the type of politics that was practiced.After the Spanish American war of 1898, the United States took enclose of Puerto Rico. In the initial state of US ownership, the Puerto Rican population approach a major dilemma. The island belonged to but was not a part of the United States, and as a result Puerto Ricans held no citizenship. They simply lingered as citizens of nowhere. It was not until the Jones represent of 1917 that Puerto Ricans were granted statutory citizenship which was not equivalent to constitutional citizenship. Not granted full American citizenship by the United States, Puerto Ricans were, on the other hand, granted the responsibility to be drafted into the armed forces during WWI, and also t o be recruited as cheap labor for the defense industry during the time of war. Such inequality was not the only issue early Puerto Rican migrants experienced on the island. They also experienced severe economic set backs. Under the domination of the United States, Puerto Rico did not have control over their means of production. Instead, the United States possessed that power and transformed their island into a metropolitan economy. Workers were subjected to the changing demands of US capital expansion, and their migratory movements were shaped accordingly.

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Depleted Uranium Ethics Of the Silver Bullet :: Argumentative Persuasive Weapon Papers

Depleted Uranium Ethics Of the Silver BulletI. INTRODUCTION/ABSTRACT all told the soldiers there were wearing NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical warfare) protective clothing. We said Whats going on here? And their answer was Didnt you know? This ammunition is a morsel dodgy. Tim Pubrick, Gulf War veteran, British Royal Army tank commander.6Depleted uracil (DU) ammunition is a truly recent advancement in armed forces weapons use. Due to its effectiveness against piercing armor, DU ammunition has recently become a popular item among NATO armies and will most likely become a mainstream realise of conventional ammunition among many other armies of the world. However, massive amounts of circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the use of DU ammunition has cognize to cause dramatic side effects, such(prenominal) as health problems, stillborn babies, toxic and poisonous land, water supplies, and residential territories. Hence an important question arises, is it ethical to use DU ammunition on the discipline? II. WHAT IS DEPLETED URANIUM (DU)? Before we can analyze the ethical use of DU ammunition, it is important to first establish the technology behind DU and DU weapons. Uranium is one of the heaviest elements arrange in nature and is emits alpha, beta, and gamma particles. It is 1.7 times denser than lead.12 The half-life of U238 (DU is 99% U238) is 4.5 billion years13 Uranium byproducts(such as Thorium (Th232)) have even bimestrial half-lives, making uranium an element that gets more radioactive during its own decay process.5 Natural uranium is 99.274% U238, 0.720% U235, and 0.0055% U234.14a Uranium is enriched when its contents of U235 reaches 3.2-3.6% (since U235 is fissible). Weapon-grade uranium is +90% U235.14a What is depleted uranium? We start out with natural uranium and extract enriched uranium for nuclear fuel and weaponry. The leftover from the extraction process is something very similar to natural uranium, known as depleted uranium. The only difference is that DU has 0.202% of U235 and 0.0008% of U234.14a How much DU do we currently have? As of June 1998, we have around 57,800 huge steel cylinders of DU or 496,000 metric tons. 14b Storage of DU is very complicated and problematic since corrosion of DU storage cylinders often occurs over relatively short periods of time.15III. MODERN APPLICATIONS OF DU The applications of DU are quite extensive. DU is very low cost and is readily available. DU can be used as a commercial aircraft counterweight. A Boeing 747 needs 1,500 kg of DU.

Biography of Miguel de Cervantes :: essays research papers

Miguel de Cervantes was a famous novelist in Spain in the sixteenth century during the Renaissance. Cervantes lived in Spain during the Golden Age which helped him call on a recognized writer. He was genuinely talented, and he showed his talents through the interesting and wonderful novels he wrote. The most famous novel he wrote was called Don Quixote. Cervantes had a very exhausting and enthusiastic life, full of excitement and success. Miguel de Cervantes has great histories which lead him to write his wonderful novels and plays, and these have been very influential during the Renaissance and todays writers.Cervantes was born on September 29, 1547 in a town near Madrid called Alcala de Henares, Spain. He was the fourth son of seven children. His father was a sawbones and his mother died when he was young. Since his father was a medical doctor his family had to travel to many towns in Spain. During his youth and adolescence he was taught by Jesuits. Not much around his educatio n is known entirely when he was about twenty-one age old in 1568, he went to Madrid where Juan Lopez de Hoyos, a Jesuit, was his tutor. Cervantes did not attend to university, but he read broadly, this greatly influenced his writings.In about 1568 to 1570 he moved to Naples, Italy. In Naples, he joined the Spanish Army because he had a very big interest in the military. In 1571, he participated in the naval battle of Lepanto, located in the Gulf of Lepanto. The war was between the Spanish and the Turks, since the blood between the Mediterranean countries and the Ottoman Empire was tense. During this battle Cervantes was wounded in his chest and on his left run. He lost the use of his left hand and therefore, he gained the nickname of Manco de Lepanto, meaning Maimed of Lepanto. Nevertheless Cervantes remained in the military although he was wounded because he was very dedicated to it. Then he fought in northern Africa and the Mediterranean lands.When Miguel de Cervantes and his brother Rodrigo Cervantes where sailing back to Spain in 1575, their ship was captured by pirates. Bradbury pirates made them prisoners and took them to Algiers as slaves. Cervantes had to remain a prisoner for five years even though he tried to escape a variety of occasions. He had to wait until his family and his religious order released him from prison having to earn money.

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Filtering in Libraries and Schools Essay -- Education Technology Paper

Filtering in Libraries and SchoolsWe read about blocking some kinds of internet sites in habitual libraries and schools by using filtering software. There are problems on how to define an obscene piece of material, the list of filtered sites is non available to user , restricting access of adults, not just children, and affecting the lives of poor people who cannot afford PCs by filtering many sites. I think everyone agrees that we should protect children from harmful sites. However, it is difficult to make a confinement which is acceptable by all users. How should filtering systems changed ? There is an expression in the textbook that is concerning the right to seeporn in libraries(Basse, Sara p205). It seems silly because I think a library is not a place for pleasure but for study. However, filtering all sites with inappropriate materials for children is not a good idea because some people desire to do research on breast cancer, sex, Nazism...etc. What can libraries do about this problem? In my opinion, rooms for adults...

Filtering in Libraries and Schools Essay -- Education Technology Paper

Filtering in Libraries and SchoolsWe read about blocking some kinds of internet sites in public libraries and schools by exploitation filtering software. There are problems on how to define an obscene piece of material, the list of filtered sites is non available to user , restricting access of adults, not just children, and modify the lives of poor people who cannot afford PCs by filtering many sites. I think everyone agrees that we should protect children from harmful sites. However, it is difficult to make a restriction which is acceptable by all users. How should filtering systems changed ? There is an expression in the textbook that is concerning the right to seeporn in libraries(Basse, Sara p205). It seems silly because I think a library is not a place for pleasure but for study. However, filtering all sites with inappropriate materials for children is not a good idea because some people want to do question on breast cancer, sex, Nazism...etc. What can libraries do about this problem? In my opinion, rooms for adults...

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Biography of Carl Jung

Carl Jung is known to be 1 of the most famous mental theorists of twentieth century. For sixty years, he developed him self with a singularity of purpose to analyzing the far flung and deep lying process of human per newsality. An exceptional and large(p) approach of Jung in the field of psychology highlighted understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of dreams, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy. The present paper focuses on Carl Jungs biography and his major involvement in the area of psychology and art.Jung, Carl Gustav, Swiss psychiatrist, initiator of analytical psychology, was born in Kesswil, Switzerland on 26 July 1875. Jung was the moreover son of the village pastor, the sublime Paul Achilles Jung, and Emilie Jung, nee Preiswerk. His grandfather, Carl Gustav Jung (17941864), after whom he was christened, was a much-respected physician, who became Rector of Basel University and Grand Master of the Swiss Lodge of Freemasons. He was supposed to be t he illegitimate son of Goethe. Though he bore a strong physical resemblance to the great poet, this is probably a legend and not fact.Childhood ritual prepared him for his subsequently insights into the importance of projection in psychology. Jungs adult delight in solitude, his alchemical studies, and his research into the dynamics of psychic transformation were also foreshadowed in an adolescent legerdemain (Anthony Stevens, 2001). He discovered philosophy and read widely during his teens, and this, together with the disappointments of his boyhood, led him to renounce the strong family tradition and to study medicine and become a psychiatrist. During his younker time, he studied extensively in philosophy and theology.After attaining his medical degree (1902), he work uped in Zurich with Eugen Bleuler in the field of mental illness. At Burgholzli, Jung began, with outstanding success, to impart association tests initiated by earlier researchers. He studied, especially, patient s peculiar and illogical responses to stimulus words and found that they were caused by emotionally charged clusters of associations withheld from mind because of their disagreeable, immoral (to them), and oft cozy content. He used the now famous term complex to describe such conditions.Jung was mainly interested in parapsychology during his career. He came in contact with Sigmund Freud as a close collaborator and most likely successor between 1907 and 1912, but he had disagreement with Freud over the issue of the sexual basis of neuroses. Jung hypothesis of personality is usually identified as psychoanalytical theory because it emphasizes the unconscious processes. He gave more weight on peoples aim and plans and less to instincts (Morgan, 1981). Jung was listed president of the General Medical Society for Psychotherapy in 1933.This organization had Nazi connections. Jung was severely criticized for his activities with the organization and his writings about racial differences in the magazine Zentralblatt fur Psychotherapie. Jung died on June 6, 1961. The most distinctive and prominent feature of Jung view of human is that human behavior is conditioned not only by idiosyncratic and racial history but also by aims and aspiration. Both the past as actually and future as potentially guides ones present behavior. Jung theory emphasizes the affectionate and phylo catching foundation of personality.He explained that the foundations of personality are archaic, premature, innate, unconscious and probably universal. Jung emphasize the racial origin of personality. According to him, an individual personality is a resultant of inner forces acting upon and being acted upon by outer forces. The total personality or psyche consists of differentiated but interacting system. The headspring feature of his theory of personality is ego, the personal unconscious and its complexes, the collective consciousness and its archetypes, the persona, the anima and animus and the shadow.He explained ego is the conscious mind. It is made up of conscious perception, memories, thoughts and feeling. The ego is amenable for ones feeling of identity. The personal unconscious is a region adjoining to ego. It consists of experiences that were ones conscious but which score been repressed, suppressed, forgotten or ignored. A complex is an organized group of feeling, thoughts, perceptions and memories that exists in personal unconscious. Jung described the complexes may behave like an autonomous personality that has a mental lifetime (Hall and Lindzey, 1978).The concept, for which Jung is best known, is the collective unconscious. It has had a profound influence not only on psychology but also on philosophy and the arts. The collective consciousness is the storehouse of unconscious archetypes (primordial images), concept that represents the primitive and ancestral experiences of human race. One acquires these unconscious images automatically as a part of ones genet ic heritage. An archetype is a universal thought form that contains large constituents of emotions.This thought form creates images or vision that corresponds to normal waking life to some grimace of conscious situation. Examples of archetypes are God, rebirth, the wise old man and the scratch. In the collective unconscious, one finds the sources of myth and memory of universal realities such as mothers and fathers, the sun and storms, maleness and femininity (Morgan 1981). The concept of collective unconscious is of the most original and controversial feature of Jung personality theory. It is most powerful and influential system of psyche and in pathological cases over shadow, the ego, and the personal unconscious.Another principal feature of Jungs theory of personality is persona. It is mask adopted by the person in response to the demands of social convention and tradition and to his or her own archetype needs. If the ego identifies with persona, as it frequently does, the ind ividual become more conscious of the part that he is vie (Hall and Lindzey 1978). Jung intends synchronistic occurrences are neither provable nor disprovable in the hard, rigorous sense we traditionally associate with the natural sciences, and with mathematics.Jungs notion of synchronicity is associated inextricably with his notion of archetypes, those elusive, quasi- instinctual entities which Jung employs to explain respectable about everything that has to do with the dynamics of human psychology. So-called archetypes are the genetically based tendencies which steer or govern our behavior at the unconscious level, including the psychoneurotic level, and which characteristically express themselves in powerful, timeless images usually connected to myths, religious rituals, and magic the gods of antiquity, the pentagram, the mandala, the cross, the philosophers stone (M. D. Faber, 1998).In addition to a balance of conscious and unconscious forces, Jung emphasized other balances in ones nature. Some modes of experiencing and dealing with the world may be prominent in ones conscious personality, slice opposite modes may dominate the unconscious side. He theorized that human is essentially a bisexual animal on the psychological level. Sexuality is the basic thrust urge for people was denied by Jung. Jung ascribed the feminine side of mans personality (anima) and masculine side of womens personality to archetypes (animus). These archetypes are product of the racial experiences of man with women and women with man.In the view if Jung, shadow archetype consists of the animal instincts that humans invented in their evolution from their lower forms of life. Shadow is responsible for our conception of original sin. When it is projected outwards, it becomes devil or energy. Jung pioneered the notion of individuation. The process of individuating consists of a series of metamorphoses such as birth/infancy, puberty, adulthood, and midlife. If one can individuate at mid life, the ego is no long-range at the center and the individual makes some sort of peace with her/his mortality (Ellenberger, 1970).Before the self can emerge, it is necessary for the various components of the personality to become fully developed. Jung hypothesize the concept of introversion and extroversion that is turning inward toward contemplation or outward toward others (Morgan 1981). Jung assumes that personality contains polar tendencies that may come into conflict with one another. He believes that the psychological theory of personality must be formed on the principal of opposition or conflict because the tension created by conflicting element is the essence of life itself. Without tension there would be no energy and consequently no personality.All the creative art psychotherapies have their roots to C. G. Jungs early work on active imagination. Jung learned to develop an ongoing affiliation with his lively creative spirit through the power of imagination and fantasies . He phrased this therapeutic rule active imagination. Jung started many expressive techniques to dream the dream onward. Active imagination practice developed by Jung cheers patients to create fantasies, paint pictures, sculpt forms in clay, hold open poems and stories, dance or move the body expressively, and construct scenes in sand trays in order to foster a relationship with the unconscious.Many of these forms of creative expression have engendered particular therapeutic practices such as art therapy, movement therapy, drama therapy and role-playing. Jungs view of literature was undecided. He had a particular concern in short literature. Jung found a personification of the anima in H. Rider Haggards novel She. Jung was fascinated in the mythic and archaic elements in literature. His Symbols of Transformation (1912) contains a lengthy sermon of Longfellows Hiawatha, which is regarded as a poetic compilation of mythical motifs.The old Chinese text, The Secret of the Golded F lower, awakened Jungs interest in alchemy. In 1944, his major study in this field, Psychologie und Alchemie, was published in German. For Carl Jung, yoga is a general term indicating all of Eastern thought and psychological practice. In his writings yoga is used to designate Eastern traditions as diverse as Hinduism, Indian Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism and Chinese Taoism (J. Borelli, 1985). Jung was a fanatical, gifted thinker committed to knowledge and fearless in his pursuit of the truth.Though the theory postulated by Jung is somewhat shrouded in mystism, Junganian psychology has a number of devoted admirers and proponents. Many of these are practicing Jungs method of psychotherapy and have accepted his essential postulates regarding personality. References 1) Hall, C. S. , and Lindzey G. 1978. Theories of personality (3rd ed. ). New York Wiley. 2) Faber, M. D. 1998. Synchronicity C. G. Jung, Psychoanalysis, and Religion Publisher Praeger Publishers. house of P ublication Westport, CT. Page Number 3. 3) Morgan Clifford T, King Richard A. , Robinson Nancy M. 1981.Introduction to Psychology Sixth Edition Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing partnership Limited. 4) Ellenberger, Henri F (1970). Carl Gustav Jung and Analytical Psychology, a chapter in The Discovery of the Unconscious The History and Evolution of Dynamic Psychiatry. BasicBooks, Perseus Books Group. 5) J. Borelli. 1985. Jung and Eastern Thought. Harold Coward author. Publisher State University of New York Press. Place of Publication Albany, NY. 6) Anthony Stevens. 2001. Jung A Very Short Introduction Publisher Oxford University Press. Place of Publication Oxford, England.. Page Number 7.

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Final Exam Solved Essay

Hahn beau monde uses the dowry of sales system for magnetic disking bad debts expense. For the year, exchange sales are $300,000 and acknowledgement sales are $1,200,000. Management estimates that 1% is the sales percentage to use. What adjusting entry will Hahn Company make to record the bad debts expense? 2) Using the percentage of receivables method for recording bad debts expense, estimated uncollectible accounts are $15,000. If the balance of the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts is $3,000 credit before adjustment, what is the amount of bad debts expense for that period? 3) intangible asset assets.Intangible assets are the rights and privileges that result from ownership of long-lived assets that 5) The book value of an asset is equal to the 6) Gains on an exchange of plant assets that has commercial substance are 7) Ordinary repairs are expenditures to maintain the operating efficiency of a plant asset and are referred to as 8) Costs incurred to increase the operating eff iciency or useful life of a plant asset are referred to as 9) When an interest-bearing note matures, the balance in the Notes Payable account is 10) The interest supercharged on a $200,000 note payable, at a rate of 6%, on a 2-month note would be.If a confederacy issued $3,000,000 in bewilders which pay 10% annual interest, what is the annual net cash cost of this borrowing if the income tax rate is 30%? 12) Hilton Company issued a four-year interest-bearing note payable for $300,000 on January 1, 2011. Each January the company is required to pay $75,000 on the note. How will this note be reported on the December 31, 2012 balance sheet? 13) A corporation issued $600,000, 10%, 5-year bonds on January 1, 2011 for 648,666, which reflects an effective-interest rate of 8%. Interest is paid semiannually on January 1 and July 1.If the corporation uses the effective-interest method of amortization of bond premium, the amount of bond interest expense to be recognized on July 1, 2011, is 1 4) When the effective-interest method of bond discount amortization is used 15) If a corporation has only one rank of stock, it is referred to as 16) Capital stock to which the charter has assigned a value per share is called 17) ABC, Inc. has 1,000 shares of 5%, $100 par value, cumulative favored stock and 50,000 shares of $1 par value common stock outstanding at December 31, 2011. What is the annual dividend on the preferred stock? 18) Manner, Inc.Has 5,000 shares of 5%, $100 par value, noncumulative preferred stock and 20,000 shares of $1 par value common stock outstanding at December 31, 2011. There were no dividends declared in 2010. The board of directors declares and pays a $45,000 dividend in 2011. What is the amount of dividends received by the common stockholders in 2011? 19) When the selling price of treasury stock is greater than its cost, the company credits the difference to 21) fenland Company has other operating expenses of $240,000. There has been an increase in p repaid expenses of $16,000 during the year, and accrued liabilities are $24,000 lower than in the prior period.Using the direct method of reporting cash flows from operating activities, what were Marshs cash payments for operating expenses? 22) Where would the event purchased land for cash appear, if at all, on the indirect statement of cash flows? 23) In performing a vertical analysis, the base for cost of goods sold is 24) Blanco, Inc. has the following income statement (in millions) Using vertical analysis, what percentage is assigned to Net Income? 25) Dawson Company issued 500 shares of no-par common stock for $4,500. Which of the following journal entries would be made if the stock has a stated value of $2 per share?Andrews, Inc. paid $45,000 to corrupt back 9,000 shares of its $1 par value common stock. This stock was sold later at a selling price of $6 per share. The entry to record the sale includes a 27) Which of the following is a fundamental factor in having an effectiv e, ethical corporate culture? 28) Two individuals at a retail memory board work the same cash register. You evaluate this situation as 29) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act imposed which new penalty for executives? 30) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that all publicly traded companies maintain a system of internal controls. Internal controls can be defined as a plan to

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Are we all fundamentally the same?

We be all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all alter and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We dont make out blood, just we share the air that keeps us alive.How can we get people to understand that we really are essentially the same? I agree, that perceived specialness, drive for fulfillments, experience a life of meaning and Conception/love fundamentally makes us the same, yes we have the same considers but express them differently.We humans are similar but we have a particular need or erg to be unique however, some of us may argue with the fact that we are not fundamentally the same, as we all are not blessed with unique qualities. This may be the struggle but we all have at least cardinal or more difference that makes us unique and as time passes we realize it ourselves.Al though we all have this erg for fulfillment but culturally we express that need in different ways for example wintry by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Elsa (character) From the outside, Elsa looks poised, regal, and reserved, but in reality, she lives in headache as she wrestles with a mighty secret. Queen looks self-confident and mature, but shes actually lonely and frightened, because of her special baron as she is not like everyone else. Her feelings are loneliness, Guilt and fear. Shes fearful of others because she thinks they will be afraid and hunt her down if they know about her powers. Once she opens up to herself and accepts her self for whom she is, she goes through this completely different phase full of laughter and self-confidence.Frozen is in format of a film and this is an effective way to put across their message as an animated film because they are watched by a wide range of audience including, families, adults, teenagers and children. In this case Elsas community d id not accept her when she revealed her powers as they tried to hunt her down and take onward her powers but using her powers and accepting her self is happiness to elsa but her community wasnt ready to accept that. However, it is our own decision to trust our own ability to follow our own decision to trust our own ability to follow our heart and admit our differences as it can inspire others.Happy Feet by George moth miller expresses also expresses this erge of uniqueness. Mumble (character) expresses his uniqueness by toe tapping, as he cant sing like other penguins, which makes him different. This text is targeted at modify people or people who cant fit in to have faith and believe in themselves with what they can do. Hiss community wasnt ready to appreciate his uniqueness, fortunately he didnt feel inferior, as he was aware of his ability. Negative affectivity can make one feel guilt, fear and nervousness.The fact that we display those themes but we express it differently in different ways, makes us different. We have lots of ways for expressing it, its the ability for us to split us from others. I have come across two texts that reveal that humans are fundamentally the samead the erg for uniqueness. We just need to be ourselves, I chose icy because it has affected me personally and has taught me a lesson in life as well as happy feet, It puts me into deep understanding and makes me fall on to my life and makes me reflect on to my life and makes me want to achieve anything in the world I wish to accomplish.

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The increasing problem of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest

In the following essay I am going to describe the increasing problem of the destruction of the Amazonian rain set. The forest lies in Amazonia, an bea of Brazil, so called because of its proximity to the river Amazon. The Amazonian rainforest was once flourishing with growth and teeming with wild life history. However, repayable to the rapid rate at which the forest is cosmos decimated, hardly a(prenominal) trees leave alone remain for the next generation to perceive. This crisis is so extreme that every day an area the size of Wales is demolished, and in only half an hour around half a million trees are pulverised.Already, half the original rain forest has been destroyed. And the reason for this catastrophic abolishment of nature? Money One of the for the first time problems is the construction of huge roads proceeding though the forest and knocking down trees and ve fareation in its path. These roads often consist of thousands of kilometres of very basic, primitive, stony tracks carved bring out of the sandy soil. The most prestigious road of its kind is the Trans Amazonian Highway. The roads are built to connect the rain forest with Brazils major(ip) cities, of which the legal age are situated on the coast.Although the building of these roads should not contribute to the destruction of the rainforest, due to heavy machinery and the odd careless worker many trees are being damaged unnecessarily. They are cutting down far from the minimal amount of trees possible for the project. The consequence of the Amazonian rainforest being made accessible to major cities is the increasing potential of well established and prospering businesses set to organize a fortune for some poor Brazilian families. As an outcome to this are frontier towns comprised from wood reciteed and transported from the rainforest.Brazil is home to millions of impoverished citizens. The general domestic standards in homes often consist of no water or electricity and much or le ss severe food shortages. This poor standard of life encourages many families to move west in search of better conditions in which to work and live. The government issued all(prenominal) family with a plot of land to cultivate and occasionally this would include a house. The poor Brazilians began to rebuild their lives, however, before their land could be utilised it had to go with the lengthy but crucial process of removing all the trees from their plot.To do this they used destructive tools like axes and chainsaws then after to get rid of any remnants of life they would burn it. This was a further problem as many fires got out of hand and lead to major forest fires. afterwards a while it became cognize as slash and burn Once the land was clear the settlers started to plant and grow their crops, corn, manioc and sweet potatoes to feed their families. Because the settlers had know knowledge of agriculture many wasted time carrying procedures to no effect.At first their crops wer e productive, however, because there were no trees left to shield the soil from the penetrating sun it soon dried out and the yield sunk into decline. After ten years there was nothing to harvest, so, the settlers packed up their positions and moved on to another plot to start again. After another ten years the same thing would happen and they would move to another plot. Many millions of trees were destroyed in this way. However after approximately xxx years the area the settlers had originally inhabited had re grown, so the commonwealth alternated between plots.These people were nicknamed as the shifting cultivators. Although this did contribute to destroying the rainforest they were not major destroyers. An additional Contribution to the destruction of the rainforest is the trading of forest land to liberal companies who in exchange give money to the Brazilians. These companies are not have-to doe with for the welfare of the forests and its wildlife. Their main interest is est ablishing their businesses so they will become a thriving success. However before they rear commence with the construction work the forest trees have to be cleared quickly and therefore the most efficient method of doing this is fire.This process proves fatal to the environment in a wide course of several(predicate) ways. Firstly when trees are burned it causes an enormous amount of smoke and consequently lots of pollution. In addition, fire is exceedingly unpredictable, and depending on the direction of the wind any forest adjacent to the plot of land possessed by the company is under the risk of too being burned. This form of destruction is also far worse for the animals inhabiting the forest, because, unlike the chopping down of trees the animals have a minimal opportunity of survival early every living organism is slaughtered.The citizens of the forest are also endangered, many people die this way. Beef is currently in considerable demand all over the world people just can t get enough of it. The poor people of Brazil saw this as a great opportunity to make money and consequently started purchasing large ranches in the rainforest in which to nurture and breed their cattle. However, once the cows have consumed all the grass and vegetation in one field they are transferred to another, this governance goes on all the time.In consequence to huge areas of land being trodden on for many years, the soil looses its fertility and therefore no seeds or crops can survive. This system is increasingly being used around Brazil and is by far the biggest and worst destroyer. For years, areas of the rainforest have been destroyed by fire for variable causes. Subsequently, all this pollution is adding to the already horrific situation of global warming. If the pollution of are planet continues at this rapid rate in as brusk as 100 years many peoples lives could be ruined.Islands similar to Guernsey could be completely beneath the sea. The reason for this future disa ster is the gasses which are being constantly radiated off industry and then interwoven in the Earths atmosphere, this consequently forms a warm blanket around the Earth which is starting to melt the grump at the poles, and as the ice melts the sea level rises and starts to flood flat land areas. An as a result of this many farming land will be destroyed and therefore food will become more scarce and prices near exorbitant for poor countries.The situation will be so dyer that the entire country of Bangladesh will be flooded because it is 80% flat land. It is also one of the most highly populated countries in the world. This will dissemble our lives as well many areas of the British Isles will become submerged by sea. No country, person or animal will escape the effect of human disregard for the environment around us. Mining is another industry destroying the Rainforest. Large areas of land are dug up by companies wanting to make money from the precious minerals.The types of subst ances extracted are, tin, mananes, aluminium, iron and copper. Mining is a huge business and there are lots of additional expenses which have to be considered. For example more space is needed to provide the minors with hospitable accommodation, it is also necessary for 1000 km of railway to be dug for exporting the finished products to their inevitable destinations. More lines are being built at an extremely fast speed. As much as 2 and a half km of the track is built a day and therefore it is not the workers priority, how they get rid of the trees and wildlife.All this construction is at the expense of the plants and animals. Charcoal making is a large occupation for many Brazilian citizens. However, because of the pollution it sends into the atmosphere it is adding to the greenhouse affect. The process of making charcoal involves baking the wood in a small pitcherful of earth surrounded by sticks it takes a lot of time, experience and care. Charcoal is in such demand that 4 ton nes of wood only lasts for 4 proceeding in a factory. Brazil is home to the 4th largest dam in the world.The purpose of these huge structures (built mostly in the 80s and 90s) is to generate cheap electricity. However, some people say they make more than can be used in Brazil, because the Brazilians dont use many electrical items. The dams function by a series of pertinent but complicated methods all rivers start in hills, and therefore flow down the side of the mountain or hill into the sea or a lake. As the water is flowing down the hill inevitably gathers speed and it is this speed that can be converted into electricity by things called turbines.These turbines are comprised of a large wall built across the river. A small amount of water is let through a small gap, but the rest builds up behind the wall building up force to get through the gap. It is this force which generates the electricity because inside the turbine there is a wheel which is being dour by the force of the wat er this can then be transformed into electricity. Brazil makes hydro electricity. However, there are many downsides to this method of resource preserving. Firstly due to the turbine a lot of the forest has been flooded by the water which overflows.Many animals have drowned and the smaller species which in future will prove vital in the ecosystem had no chance of survival. Even the lucky ones who were rescued appeared to be suffering. The pollution is so bad that the water has become acid and therefore unsafe. The Brazilians were promised that a real percentage of profits would be donated to support them, however, this has not been the case. It has turned out that Brazil did not originally have the money to fund this project so they borrowed money from large companies and are still paying it back, with interestThe people in charge of the project it appears have also overlooked some candid ways of making money and at the same time utilising the forest they could have sold the trees they flooded and in exchange received additional funding. This was an extremely expensive project with what at the end appears to be no final product. The Brazilians cant use all the electricity being generated. The flooding of the rainforest also disadvantages the Brazilian indigenous peoples. The land protected and preserved for them is being also destroyed along with its citizens.All the thousands of natives who inhabit the forest are being endangered because of the different people such as gold miners, forest workers and dam builders bringing with them new viruses and diseases which they are not immune to and consequently can not iron off. Gold mining is the final thing which is decimating the forests, to extract the gold they blast the banks with powerful water hoses which erode the river sides. They also use arsenic, which is a poison to extract the gold. The water is consequently polluted and the fish inedible. The land becomes toxic and unusable forever.In conclusion, I str ongly believe that if this disrespect for one of the most bonnie natural phenomenas of the world refuses to cease, the human race will have destroyed it before we truly recognise what cures and life saving treatment it can cristal us. The Amazonian Rainforest is being sabotaged so quickly that unless some drastic action is taken quickly we will never realise the full potential of the forest. there is a lot of controversy and speculation about what to do with the forest, however, I believe the forest should be preserved for one prime reason, and that is the true and rightful(prenominal) owner of the forest nature.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

An Analysis of George Orwell’s Essay Why I Write Essay

George Orwell and Joan Didion, in their examine, Why I Write, imply that make-up has affected each author to abdicate adversity and to accept failure. Orwell and Didion support their implications by explaining how each author attempted to embrace the abstract bringing close togethers in indite, but learned to view themselves as mediocre writers, neither good nor bad, whose self-reflection in writing produced a solemn atmosphere.Their purpose is to educate the reader on relevant motives and authenticity associated with writing to help them conceive a profound piece of spirt through self-reflection. Both authors establish a formal but moderately depressing tone, appealing to young Americans who hope to become writers.George Orwell, in the essay, Why I Write utilizes the rhetorical strategy of explanation in order to effectively deliver his message to the tending audience. Orwell, at first, introduces a statement about his childhood and his ambitious goals to become an inspiring writer. Suffering from depression and solitude during his adolescent years, Orwell often constructed solemn pieces of literature in order to reflect upon his current lifestyle.This idea of self-reflection assisted Orwell in becoming an exalt writer. Through exemplification, Orwell introduced the four great motives for writing. Orwell reflects upon the subject of sheer egotism, arguing that writers often write to be remembered.The author progress elaborates on this idea, stating that serious writers care more about personal self-reflection than making money. In the motive of aesthetic enthusiasm, Orwell views himself as a moderate writer, illustrating how writers make their writing sound and look good by appreciating the aesthetics. The author eventually provides anexample for these motives, by appealing to the pathos in his Spanish-civil war poem, often concentrating on sense and expressing remorse. Through explanation, George Orwell was able to effectively deliver his message to the attending audience.Joan didion, in the essay Why I write, utilizes the rhetorical strategy of explanation to appeal to her audience. Joan introduces her essay with the topic of self-reflection, by illustrating the act of saying I. In addition, Joan elaborates on this idea of self-reflection, explaining how writing allowed her to create a mind of abstract ideas. Similar to Orwell, Joan experienced several(prenominal) obstacles that impeded her writing. The author focuses on a particular issue, in which Didion became distracted while writing.The author reflects upon this idea, by providing an example of how her attention diverted simply to a flowering pear outside her window or the lights on in the Bevatron while writing at Berkley. Didion additionally conveys her attitude towards these distractions, often wondering why such events occur. As a result, Joan often ponders upon the abstract ideas in order to enhance her writing. Through the use of explanation, Joan didion was able to effectively deliver her message to the attending audience.George Orwell and Joan didion, in their why I write, employ the rhetorical strategy of explanation in order effectively attend to their audience. Though each author provided examples in order to support their implication, their appeals to pathos and emphasis on pondering the abstract ideas in writing further attracted their audience.

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Absolute Essay

There really are or are non absolutes upon which a universal truth can be based that can be apply for establishing honorable behavior in commerce. The world of business would be such a chaotic place sans universal truth that can be employ to establish honourable behavior. If they are no absolutes then everything else is sexual relation that state of being depends on how m whatever factors and those factors include how whiz feels on a accredited issue, the norms in a society that one lives in, the definition of right and wrong being subjective, and religious beliefs.In the instance where an individual will act as they feel and not per universal absolute truth, then the individual may decide not to pay for the services rendered to them or merchandise that they procured because that is how the individual feels some the situation even if the renderer of service or seller may feel that they ought to be paid for their services or goods. They feelings in this case are further tr ue to them and not the buyer as the buyer has a different feeling about the situation.In the case where the norms of a society dictate the ethical behavior of a society, it would also mean that there is relative subjectivity to the whole notion of ethics as societies can have norms which are not at all right as seen in the case of the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda. The Hutus were a majority (85%)of the population and through political propaganda they were incited to kill the minority Tutsis (14%). 800,000 spate were murdered in the name of tribal cleansing and at that point in time it was alright for a Hutu to kill a Tutsi as per what had live on the norm.The entire world condemned this sordid act even though it was relatively right in the Hutu society. This might sound extreme further it only shows us a norm in a society does not make it a right thing to be done. The same applies for business in that what is a norm for business in one society would be considered gross corruption i n another and also what might mean integrity in one society would be condemned in another as lose of business acumen as in not being able to acquire business opportunities regardless of how the can be obtained.We cannot therefore base ethical behavior on societal norms and behaviors and not to say that they are not any of those norms that are acceptable and of very high standards that could very well be ethical, however the The definition of right or wrong if treated as relative subject will influence the way one perceives issues in terms of being ethical or unethical. When right and wrong is relative it means what might be right for one might just be wrong for me, there is no absolutes. A classical example is the Nigerian immigration as it purportedly used to be in past, this writer does not have first hand knowledge of the said instances.It is said that when one travelled to Nigeria, one could not get their passport stamped by the immigration officer if they did not put some mon ey in the passport. The officer would hand one backrest the passport and advise them that there is a page missing in the passport. The page meant a dollar bill. For people who grew up in that tradition it was an evaluate thing to do and that was how it was supposed to be supposedly but for a foreigner, say an American, that would be so wrong a thing to do because in the USA, that is corrupting a public officer and that is a crime in itself that one could go to jail for.There is the issue of religious beliefs and religion and lack thereof. It is said that religious beliefs help to foster stronger ethical behavior, as religions tend to be black and white on what is wrong and what is right. Yet there are different religions and needless to say the different religions have different sets of ideals whether it be ethics or morals. To highlight that is the tragic case of Sept11, 2011 when the USA was attacked by the Moslem terrorists.These terrorists according to what they believed, the y were doing the right thing and had been taught so that when they die like that they are martyrs of their religion and they will go to heaven for doing the will of their God. Beliefs in the different religions parti-color and notwithstanding those without any religion, it is reasonable to say that in this case it is relative as in what a person believes in. If there has to be consistency in any transaction of business, there therefore has to be absolutes upon which a universal truth can be based that can be applied for establishing ethical behavior.It should not matter how one feels, what norms are in ones society, how one defines right or wrong, and what ones religious beliefs are. There are absolutely ethical elements in all the above that can be applied to all business ethics to enhance the ethical behavior but there definitely should be a standard that is universal and expected to be followed by all involved in business. It is so fundamental because it is the hindquarters on which all business is going to be transacted upon. One cannot go into business with a partner who will run one out of business or someone who will not do what they say they will do and do it right.

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My first day at a new school Essay

The first day if a new school is very difficult because you dont exist any sensation and u feel all alone. Most kids do good because they are a mess person which can help because they talk to people and know were or how to get around from talking to other kids. There are also kids that dont talk as much to other people they dont know either because there shy .So this I how I overcame the obstacles on my first day.The most memorable first day I had was when I went to Kenny Guinn middle school. I knew no one in my home room so I sat there for a moment and the instructor began to call roll call then after that passed the kids in the section began to talk and so nothing. the teachers got their attention and explained rules and regulations. shortly after that some kid s started getting kinda loud so the teacher got their attention he sent one of the three to another class and his friend threw a newspaper airplane instead of the teacher doing something to punish he made a funny remar k about the kid. The bell sone rang and we all got up and head finish off to our next class remember the first class I had was science,at first I was about the tenth student in the classroom I detect one of my friends walked in the classroom and sat next to me . I told him how frustrated I was and he told me to just dont worry about it and stabilize down. so after he convinced me to calm downand I began to relax. The teacher then started her lesson plan, then she explained her classroom rules and regulations shortly after that she told us what we were going to do the rest of the school year. When she had finished, the class began to talk. that was when I realized my friend that was sitting next to me, as I mentioned earlier had the next class with me. dong dong dong the bell has just rang so we headed for our next class,that next class was math. and he began to do the same as the first teacher then that class ended so we my friend and I went to lunch.The most exciting part of the hole day was the lunch period .Were I got well-to-do enough to meet most of my friends there that day so that was a big relief. I ate some lunch that help because the hole day I was feeling kind of sick so that helped me replenish my self, then we all started talking to one anotherafter a short measuring rod of time we all got conf utilize so then we laughed at ore selves for being so stupid. then I diced to walk over to this girl I want after being convinced that nothing terrible can happen and it wont be the end of the world so I did it and I then had a date to the dance thing they were having, the school was throwing it for the new year. So the day has gone smoothly and not too difficult in anyway or manner.Soon after lunch ended we/all the kids went to class then I went to my next class the same routine was used for the lesion plane for the last four class and once that was over it was a little frustrating to find my buss but then I be it just in time and when I got home I s aid hi to my dad and then had something to eat. And I learned if I was to ask somebody I dont know can still help me and being shy has its down falls.

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Nursing Theory and Research Essay

What is care for ( affectionateness) according to Fawcett (1984)? nurse is defined by American Association (1980) as the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential wellness problems (cited in Fawcett, 1984, pg. 84). Diagnosis, according to the nursing process is when the nurses identify the actual problems and find go forth how to treat them in score to prevent both potential problems. According to Walker, 1971) nursing is establishing limits or boundaries in terms of the personproviding c atomic number 18 person with health problems receiving c are the environment in which care is tending(p) and an end-state, well-organism (cited in Fawcett, 1984). This is related to what I mentioned before that the four creations are interrelated they cannot make believe on their own. The connections among the four metaparadigm concepts were clearly identified by Donalson and Cowley (1978) which states that nursing studies the wholeness or health of humans, recognizin g that humans are in continuous interaction with their environments (cited in Rolfe, 1996, pg.6). This statement may be considered the major proposition of nursings metaparadigm.B Christensens (1990) Partnership ModelChristensens (1990) Partnership Model identify the concept of a league as a basis for involvement between a nurse and a tolerant. This concept provides a sound humanistic foundation for nursing practice. From the tolerant view point, a colleagueship of equality and respect provides security. From nurses, unhurrieds are vulnerable or faced a situation, which requires care from health services. The fellowship of partnership empowers and enables people when they are tolerants, and we believe that security proved by the nursing partnership is a basic human right for a patient. For a partnership to exist and work effectively, there must be a willingness from all partners to collaborate as equals, and then to jointly draw off decisions and endeavour to influence prob lems.Christensen (1990) draw partnership is initiated when the patient is admitted to infirmary and c serenitys when they go home. It is a continuous process, which offered ways of look at what happened when a nurse offered learned expertise to a person who is going through a health related experience. The learned expertise is known as nursing (caring).What is nursing (caring) according to Christensen (1990)?Although many nurses scholars defined nursing according to their own research, Christensen (1990) defined nursing when a nurse offered learned expertise to a person who is going through a health related experience (pg.47). Also, New Zealand Nurses Association (1990) defined nursing is a specialised expression of caring, concerned primary with enhancing the ability of individuals and groups to bring home the bacon their health potential within the realities of their life situations (pg. 7).So, nursing is the actions or treatment to jockstrap the patient stir health not only part of his body, but nursing is looking at the person holistically.As discuss by Christensen (1990), the major work of nurse-patient partnership is commences at the time of admission to hospital and continues until the patient goes home, as mentioned before. We could see that the work of the nurse is dynamic and sensitive as nursing strategies are selectively white plagued to ease the pathway of each patient through an individual passage. The passage, according to Christensen (1990) is a mixer process, which can be used to describe an experience of a significant change in a persons circumstances (pg.26). It is characterised by the giving and receiving of nursing in ordinate for the patient to make optimal progress through a health related experience.So, nursing is attending. According to Christensen (1990) attending takes butt during the time of contact between the nurse and patient and also accompanies the patient through hospitalisation. Attending is the upshot of partners hip because it shows that nursing is caring and concerning about the change in patients life. Therefore,Christensens ride of nursing partnership involved two or more people in a divided up venture. It requires the nurse to view nursing as a collaborative between the nurse and the lymph node. It initiated when the patient is admitted to hospital until they go home. It is a continuum process, which offered ways of looking at what happened when a nurse offered learned expertise to a person who is going through a health related experience.According to Peplau define nursing is how to regurgitate the constitution in such a state as that it will have no unhealthiness(Cited in Nightingale, 1992, pg. 48), which means what can and should nurses do to promote health, prevent illness and recovery from disease. As I mentioned above in Christensens model,nurses work alongside with the patient but using nursing strategies to ease the path of the person by listening to them and taking heed of w hat they are saying. Moreover, is to comforting them in tack to aid recovery from diseases they present.Harmer & Henderson (1995, cited in Rolfe, 1996) point out that the unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, pallid or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or peaceful death). In Christensens partnership model is very similar to this idea as to assist the patient and supporting during this transit of sickness or seeking help with things that they are unable to do for themselves. That is the goal of nursing is to use their friendship to find the most efficient and effective ways of carrying out nursing procedures to help their partner in nursing care, as the patient. Moreover, according to attend, being their for the patient and spending time with him in order to understand their take. Also, ministering which Christensen defines as a selective application of nursing knowledge and skills to meet the identified need s of the patient.Within that knowledge, nurses have a systematic body of knowledge that underpins practice, which means, they know what to do, how to do it and why they are doing it. For example, an eighteen months old baby was brought from theatre whom he had a Gastrostomy. I took observations on him for half hourly for two hours and hourly after that. Why do I have to do that, because to identify any signs and symptoms of haemorrhage which is potential for shock.That is the basic knowledge that I have taught so far that this baby has a tendency of bleeding. It was very important for me for these observations. According to Christensen (1990) that the work of the nurse is dynamic and sensitive as nursing responds to the immediacy of the patients situation. During this time the nurse and the patient negotiate their partnership by looking at the work of the nurse and the work of the patient in order to cushion the impact on the patient of the disturbances associated with hospitalisati on.Moreover, according to Christensen (1990) the passage is a social processwhich can be used to describe an experience of a significant change in a persons circumstances (p.26). It is characterised by giving and receiving of nursing in order for the patient to make an optimal progress for a dampen health. In reality it may or may not lead to a beneficial passage. But, the work of the nurse begins as soon as the patient admitted to hospital. It is known as the beginning phase, which is to assist the client to attain the means, opportunities and the ability to act within the present circumstances, though the nurse-client partnership exists for all nursing goals and the evaluate outcomes may not always turn out as desired.The beginning is marked by the patient experiencing a health-related problem. The phase begins with awareness that something is wrong which requires an admission to hospital it may be days or weeks or whenever the patient takes responsible for his own self-manageme nt. This period precedes entry into the partnership, at the same time the patient prepares for the upcoming experience, whereas the nurse serves to make patient complete, whole being of a person or independent. And I believed this includes identifying the problems of the whole being of the person, that is, culturally, psychosocially and mentally. This relationship includes respect and acceptance of where the person is and the nurses openness to another(prenominal) persons reality. Caring relationships occur with individuals and family and their significant others.According to Levine (1973) described nursing as a human interaction. It is a discipline rooted in the organic dependency of the individual human being on his relationships with other human beings (Cited in Fawcett, 1984, pg 122). She further describe nursing as a subculture, possessing ideas and value which are unique to nurses, even though they mirror the social template which created them (ibid, pg, 123). This is true wit h nursing is caring for another human being which have their own culture, ideas and values which recognise themselves from whom they come from.When we compare with Christensens model (1990), interpreting is the attempt made by the nurse to attach meaning to the status of the patient and the situation (pg. 42). Including observing, monitoring, analysing,translating, conceptualising, synthesising and decision-making. When assessing the patient and collecting data, nurses should recognise the social issues and cultural needs of the patient in order to provide treatment that are suitable for them. Moreover, as Christensen stated that the intentional presence of the nurse is inseparable for coming to know and understand what it means to be human and humans in relationship or partnership. This knowledge provides the basis for the mutual selection of interventions that can promote health and self-determination.That is the essence of partnership is engaging the person in the process of th eir journey from the time they face the problem and come in to hospital until they go home. Partnership includes intimacy, trust, and authenticity. Furthermore, commitment, responsibility and accountability, which are the nature of nursing which Christensen identifies. Not only that, caring takes endue within the context of a therapeutic relationship and is considered a moral vital of nursing.According to Hendersons definition of nursing I say that the nurse does for others what they would do for themselves if they had the strength, the will and knowledge. But I go on to say that the nurse makes the patient independent of him or her as soon as accomplishable. Nurse serves to make patient complete, whole or independent (Cited in USA treat experience Consensus Conference, 1998)ConclusionAlthough I found very difficult to understand Fawcetts description of the metaparadigm but at the end I found this very interesting to know that metaparadigm is like a framework that help me in my practice. Nursing has a unique responsibility to promote, protect and restore the clients holistic health.REFERENCESChristensen, J. (1990) The Ethics of Care Towards Partnership in Nursing,Lincoln University Press with Daphne Brasell Associates Ltd, London.Fawcett, J, (1984) The Metaparadigm of Nursing Present Status and emerging Refinements. Images The journal of Nursing Scholarship, Vol. XVI, No. 3, pg. 84 7.Fawcett, J, (1984) Analysis and evaluation of conceptual models of nursing, F. A Davis Company, Philadelphia.USA Nursing Knowledge Consensus Conference, 1998, Consensus Statement on Emerging Nursing Knowledge, A value-Based Position Paper Linking Nursing knowledge and Practice Outcomes, Boston, Massachusetts

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Carbon footprint

Simply operating a championship solely on the objective of earning a profit can potentially come back to fire you in the end. There are true cost and risk associated with the way we do business. Some companies hold up with the mindset they can do whatever they want right now. Ill be gone or Youll be gone when the bill comes due (Friedman, 2009). In respect to our future generation that effect Is handout to be global climate change. We result begin to see increased health risks, decline in honeyed water, rising sea levels, displaced people. Companies will see effects related to agriculture, tourism, and Insurance related costs.The potential egress of global climate change can be compared to the collapse of GIG. Alga failed because they discounted to zero the very small, outside(a) risk of simultaneous defaults in their investment or insurance portfolios (Friedman, 2009). The risk in fact was likely less(prenominal) than one percent, perhaps a great deal less but it happened nonetheless (Friedman, 2009). In this case Alga had the benefit of being bailed out by the government. Our planet is not so comfortable and will have to be offset by he way this generation and future generations transfer business.One way In which a business can strive to become more green is by setting a goal to become blow neutral by a specified date. This could be added to their Nilsson statement and be clearly defined, measurable, and executable (Adulators, 2011). Evaluation of their strategic planning process is also necessary. In a rapidly changing environment the steps of the planning process can be going on at the same time. For example the cost and risk of developing a new product have to be evaluated ecologically, competitively, economically, socially, politically, and legally.A company in the pursuit of more sustainable products can help benefit the environment and the companies bottom-line. McDonalds in an attempt to address waste management switched to a new wrapper that was less bulky, cheaper, required less verve to produce, and discharged less pollution (Adulators, 2011). This strategy helped reduce waste and pollution while simultaneously lowering McDonalds production costs (Adulators, 2011). Some companies are already operating in a pass state, but are still leaving a carbon ND employee car-pooling can be promoted throughout the organization.Also companies can reduce their footprint by purchasing carbon offsets. These can be geared toward reforestation, methane digester, or wind farms for example. The fact of the matter is that a change needs to begin now. The consequences of taking no action at law are fare too great. We can take a page out of Denmark book. They made it a priority in 1985 to focus on energy efficiencies and renewable energy. Sixteen percent of their total energy consumption comes from wind and solar, this reared a whole new export industry (Friedman, 2009).Today Denmark does not rely at all on energy from the Middle Ea st. A world off sustainable environment is a world of freedom. If climate change and environmental degradation ever get the better of our planet we will have to ration where we live, how we live, and how much we can use (Friedman, 2009). Now is the time to start reducing our carbon footprint. Astronomical Adulators, R (2011). Green Marketing Management. Mason South-Western Coinage Learning. Friedman, T, L (2009). Hot, Flat, and Crowded. New York Picador

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Education And Teamwork

Is a college degree really necessary, and if so, is it worth the immense sum up of debt that so many of us atomic number 18 in? Education importance is a subject that is up for debate, but it can be hard to deny the importance of knowledge in everyday life. peerless reason wherefore education is important is that, education is more or less far more than the marks you receive. Its about determineing right from wrong and having the knowledge you need to stay know in todays society.It helps to develop your panorama on the world around you and pushes you to think both creatively and conceptually about many contrasting subjects. Without education, sensory information would simply be lost. Education stops us to process the information we receive on a daily basis and make conclusions and inferences based on what we already know. Another reason why education is important is that, education helps people grow as individuals.It opens your mind to many things that you havent been cap f itted to before, and classrooms allow for healthy discussion on difficult subjects. Education helps build social skills, problem solving skills, decisiveness making skills and creative thinking skills. It introduces you to different cultures, religions and thought processes that o may never be exposed to otherwise. Education also provides a stepping stone to the real world, offering many different courses on right(a) financial techniques, life planning and personal development.TEAM stands for T Together E Everyone A Achieves M much Team plow is very important in everyday life, it teaches us what it is handle to work with others, respect, and motivation. In team work you have a greater number of people workings together in close law of proximity on the same goal. The motivation factor is going to be high especially when the team members understand each other, have a sense of healthy competition, are willing to help the others along and are big-hearted enough to take pride in each others successes.After all, whats the fun in celebrating bayou are going to do it alone? People working in teams tend to learn more by their interactions with each other. think sessions can help you view the same problem from different perspectives and arrive at the best achievable solution. If you were working alone, it is quite possible that you would have not thought bout the different possible shipway through which you could solve the problem.When you have a number of people specialized in different areas working together, it is easy to divide the tasks according the strengths and interests of each person and at the same time, keep everyone happy. If you are able to work in an area which is in task with your likes and interests, you will be able to put in your hundred percent into the job. These two things is very important in our lives and makes us who we are. No matter you like it or not you will always have education and teamwork in your life.

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Population Management Strategies Essay

China has one and only(a) of the largest universe of discourse densities in the world. In Russia thither is a descend in macrocosm which is ascertained to add drastically. In Western europium as well, the commonwealth ancestry is as a result of the social and economic emotional statestyle that the natives lead. Varied measures are thitherfore taken against the nation growing trends. This study compares and contrasts the creation management strategies of the above mentioned nations (Gordon, 2005). 2. 0 macrocosm growth in Russia Presently, there is a remarkable decline in population and this is a major(ip) problem in Russia.Russias population is estimated to be 143 one million million million, nonetheless, in every year there is a turn down of closely seven hundred thousand battalion calculations indicate that this decline is about one hundred people dying every hour this has led to predictions that the countrys population by the year 2050 could be as low as one hund red and twenty million. It could besides devote an economic and geopolitical impact (Gordon, 2005). a) Causes of the population crisis The observed amply mortality rate, short life presentiment and an increasing number of deaths from causes that are not natural are the major factors contributing to the population decline in Russia.Russias number of deaths per 1,000 people is at 16, compared to Western Europe which is 5. Out of the 150,000 people who die in natural deaths, 46,000 are suicidal cases, 40,000 killed in road accidents, 36,000 murdered and 36,000 are as a result of alcohol poisoning. High abortion in Russia contributes to the low suffer rate. However there is a great decline in abortion since the Soviet times when abortion was utilized as a method of expect control (Gordon, 2005). The official statistics survey indicates that there are 1.6 million abortions in Russian women, which is higher than the birth rate. Generally, there is a low birth rate in the country att ributed to high rates of alcoholism and economic hardship. Currently, Russias birth rate is 1. 34 children per cleaning woman of fertile age, which is less compared to the required 2. 14 children per woman. Additionally, the estimated life expectancy in Russia is about 58 honest-to-goodness age for men and 72 for women, then thirty percent of the men population do not generate the beginning of their pension age (Gordon, 2005).Russian experts also suggest that the depopulation in the country is due to political and economic upheaval experienced in the country in the 1990s. Due to bad planning and implementing of great(p) economic reforms, social insecurity was evident among the nationals and thus they sought to have fewer children. The rate of foreigners miserable into Russia is low little relocation is observed within the former republics of the Soviet Union. However the rate of apparent movement of nationals outside Russia to Western Europe and other places is high and its usually for search of a mitigate economic situation (Gordon, 2005).b) management strategies In 2005, there was an increase in the number of births which was due to a large number of girls born in the 1970s-1980s who could bear children by then. Thus the birth rate tush be stimulated, the maternal and infant mortality rates reduced. By enhancing the reproductive health and quality of the population, the population growth can be boosted. A new demographic development concept is essential for it provide outline the national goals such as average increase of life expectancy in the nationals and increase in birth rate.Russia has a chronic occurrence of cardiac and oncological diseases. The average life expectancy can be boosted by six more years if an initiative is taken to reduce deaths that break from such disorders (Gordon, 2005). 3. 0 Population growth in China and management strategies China is among the worlds top nations that experience a very large population with a relativ ely small youth cohort which is attributed to the Peoples Republic of Chinas one child policy. Except for the population policies implemented in China in 1979, the current population in china would be read at 1.7 billion. It is recorded that chinas population in 1953 was 582 million however by the year 2000, the population was twice as more, estimated at 1. 2 billion (Peng, & Guo, 2000). The first leaders in China believed that a large population was a great investment, yet, as the population grew rapidly it became a liability and this led to a mass lean effort for birth control by the Ministry of usual health though this was in vain. Again, a rapid population was experienced after the interval of the big(p) Leap Forward.In the 1960s, emphasis was laid on late marriage and in 1964 birth control offices were established in the central governance and at the provincial take aim, contraceptives were used in family planning. This campaign was seen to be successful until the Cultu ral Revolution era (Peng, & Guo, 2000). In 1972 and 1973, birth control resources were distributed countrywide. At administrative and in various collective enterprises, committees were launched to ensure implementation of the birth control programs both rural and urban areas were covered.Mao Zeodong who was behind the family planning movement died in 1976, and the government failed to acknowledge that economic growth and modify living standards are affected by the population growth. However, in the 1970s the fast growing population of China prompted the government to establish a limit in the number of children born the highest suggested family size was devil children in cities and three or four in the countryside (Peng, & Guo, 2000). Since 1979, the one-child policy that was widely in use.The policy had protestent guiding principles on national minorities and only one child was permitted to the married couples. The policy helped China to reach its goal of stability and a fruit fulness rate that was greatly reduced an average of 5. 4 children per women was reported. Those who observed the one child program were rewarded by getting a one-child certificate that permitted them to get cash bonuses, better childcare, longer maternity leave and good housing allowances and they were to pledge that they would not bear children anymore.The population in the rural areas however, determined the efficiency in the policy implementation program since they accounted for 60% of the total population (Peng, & Guo, 2000). Studies indicate that coercive measures were used in order to create the one-child policy a success. The assumed methods include psychological pressure, use of physical force, and in some cases forcing abortions and infanticide. However, the government officials insisted that the family planning process was on intended basis and measures applied in implementing the programs were persuasive and economic based (Peng, & Guo, 2000).Between 1970 and 1980, ther e was a decline in the crude birth rate from 36. 9 per 1,000 to 17. 6 per 1000, which was due to wan xi shao birth control campaign,-late marriages, longer intervals between births and fewer children. In addition, the social and economic changes that had taken place, amongst which was the high level of employment of women in rural and urban areas and low mortality rate in infants, may have contributed to the aforementioned. Nonetheless, in the countryside, people valued large families, especially sons, for assistance in the fields and support during old age.This seems to have applied to the rest of China as a whole there is a sexual practice imbalance in China the 2000 census report showed that 119 boys born of every 100 girls. The government was thus forced to ban the selective abortion for female fetuses in July 2004 (Peng, & Guo, 2000). 4. 0 Population growth in Western Europe Since the 1960s, there is a substantial decline in Western Europes population which is accredited to l ow fertility rates. By 1999, the total fertility rates had dropped so much an average of 1. 45 was recorded in the fifteen European Union countries.A total fertility rate at 1. 5 is presently experienced by eight out of fifteen of the western European countries. However, there are immense disparity among these countries in terms of timing and the level of when the decline started as well and in the rate and decline duration. Socioeconomic and demographic factors have contributed to the differences in variant of West European fertility levels. There are concerns pertaining to the imbalance of the population age structure, ability to concur European welfare state systems and consistency in social affairs.This has les to the implementing of family policies in order to safeguard the nations populations (Caldwell et al. 2006). a) Management strategies i) Maternity protection this was a step towards creating an opportunity for women to give birth because of the demand from employment, differences in sex activity and equality protection of labor and regulation. The Western European countries thus introduced compulsory maternity leaves for women who are working. opposite countries such as France introduced a policy in support of women in reconciling employment with motherhood.In Scandinavia, greater emphasis was put in leaves and protective labor legislation. The recommended maternity leave period is 14weeks however it varies between 20weeks in Italy and 16-18 weeks being the common length in other countries (Caldwell et al. 2006). ii) Parental leave the government has amended the parental leave regulations and different parental-leave schemes have been implemented. These leaves are available only to parents and they transfer from one country to another. The benefits also vary significantly in some countries they are either unpaid or given a low pay (Caldwell et al.2006). iii) Childcare function at the beginning of industrialization, childcare services were ins tituted to cater for the orphans and children who were unattended due since their mothers were working. However up to the 20th century, childcare services changed to charity command to promote social and individual development. The catholic institutions were pioneers in provision of this kind of service. Presently the services offered differ athwart the nations (Caldwell et al. 2006). iv) Child benefits this system came up as wide array of policy intentions.Its major subprogram was to cater families in need for instance widows who had children and divorced or single mothers. However these support systems vary in terms of services offered across the countries (Caldwell et al. 2006). 5. 0 Conclusion In Russia and Western Europe, population decline is the major crisis which is as a result of varied factors. Russia decline is caused by inappropriate standards of living and in Europe, the level of industrialization that has created working opportunities has denied women the chance to b ear children, hence population decline.In China, the challenge is high population that is caused by uncontrolled popular growth. The future population in China is likely to seem gender imbalance and besides it has an increasingly aging population. There is a limitation in the bearing services are offered in the family systems. A cross-national variation in family policies provisions and modalities is evident in Europe. wherefore it is difficult to look into the effects of family policies on individual childbearing behavior in order to make a comparison between the countries.Some countries share fertility advances, and family policy systems. The countries in West Europe are clearly divided (Caldwell, et al. 2006). References Peng, & X. , Guo, Z. (2000) The Changing Population of China, ISBN 0631201920, 9780631201922, Blackwell Publishing. Caldwell, B. K. , Caldwell, P. , Caldwell, J. C. , Caldwell, P. Schindlmayr, T. McDonald, P. F. (2006) Demographic Transition Theory. ISBN 14020 43732, 9781402043734, Springer Gordon, E. E. (2005) The 2010 meltdown answer the impending jobs crisis. ISBN 0275984362, 9780275984366, Greenwood Publishing Group

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Consider the writers’ intentions in writing their Gothic stories

What is nuisance? villainy is a way of coming to terms with anxieties in each person and in a conjunction as a whole. But horror also plays a role of intensifying the imagination and gives mess the adrenaline rush that comes, with existence sc ard. Several factors contribute to the creation of protestent emotions and emotional stateings. Stevenson uses a multitude of ways to give the over on the whole effect of mystery and horror rather than a sudden, obvious indication. This reveals how Stevenson differs from previous Gothic writers.Although Stevenson may hasten differed from previous b inadequacy letter writers he still firearmaged to include two traditional and much than recent gothic conventions. By including full moons and by exploiting the excessiveness of science Stevenson maintains the more traditional and stereotypical gothic conventions. But by conveying two different characters that are the selfsame(prenominal) Stevenson is including more modern conventi ons by revealing that terror was created by humans and butt joint simply be ended by humans.By using both traditional and modern conventions Stevenson is able to break boundaries by drawing on science rather than superstition but also by emphasizing that the horror experienced is in us, now. This is one of the things that need to be observed when concluding the effectiveness. A nonher thing to observe is when the fresh was written. This greatly influences the way the novel has been written and the impact that it made on people of that term. Stevensons Jekyll and Hyde novel may not seem too terrifying now with films such as the Exorcist coming off. The Exorcist was both original and modern in terms of convention.The Exorcist built on an idea that demons could possess individuals upright equivalent in Jekyll and Hyde where in the end Hyde possesses Jekyll permanently. This illustrates how even the almost modern films copy genuine aspects of Stevensons gothic novels to emphasi ze the fear being experienced. But for the people and era of that term Jekyll and Hyde was a novel to be reckoned with and was definitely a bookmark to how gothic stories should be written. The way in which it revolutionized the way that gothic novels are, in that the clotheting and atmosphere were different so previous gothic novels deadly smell.With previous novels the provided thing they needed to include was that it was dark, foggy, gloomy, isolated area that most likely contained a castle and was set in some un shaftn part of the world like Transylvania. Jekyll and Hyde being a gothic novel included some of these but also managed to be effective in different areas. Jekyll and Hyde set their paroxysm in a really familiar place (London), with the idea to emphasize the fear that the hearing felt when reading about this tale, the way in which this was accomplished was by drawing on the frighteningly familiar rather than the absurd..This was just one of the ways that Steve nson changed gothic books and made them into effective horror stories. However this was not the only thing which made Jekyll and Hyde an effective and daring gothic book. The anxieties that it dealt with showed people that any they were justified to feel this way or that things such as homosexuality are nothing to be feared of. The anxieties that it mentions are to do with science going too far, atheism growing and homosexuality. These all contribute to the effect of a horror novel. As Stevenson is stressing to explore new ground with Jekyll and Hyde.The first thing to notice is that the characters are describe completely different from each other, as one is a Doctor in a very high place where as Hyde can be described as having ape like choler. By showing the immediate contrast of the two characters Stevenson creates a sense of mystery which all gothic books should cause. By creating equivocalness he is trying to maneuver the sense of hearing of that time to the wrong conclu sion so as to make sure that the his book is shocking and intelligent. These qualities both contribute to the effectiveness of horror.However for that time the novel was nothing but a groundbreaking barrier-smashing novel at that time. Compared to some of the previous gothic novels you can tell how the genre of gothic has evolved from previous books which give everything onward too easily and touch the most obvious give away (such as castles). Although this may be true for the late 1800s the same can not be said about today. With the fame that comes along with Jekyll and Hyde the majority of people already know the story, subject matter that when they read the actual novel they could be disappointed by it, due to the fact that its that old.not only this but the number of films which take the story on usually let it down meaning that the audience does not have the same respect for the novel as the people of 120 long time ago did. But whether or not people respect is not the case b ut whether they pry it is. One aspect that they could have appreciated from all the gothic writers was that they all identified themselves philosophically as romantics. Stevenson among others all had interests in the wild and untamed aspects of nature and they all believed in the power of human imagination.These thoughts principal sum to them becoming outsiders. These outsiders would have been appreciated because of their views were not expressed by the wider society. These views consequently were revealed in their novels. Just like another writer of the time Stroker (Dracula), they tried to perceive the main character as having an addiction to a certain drug. Whether it is blood or a concoction. Both writers attempted to give the contributor a certain side of a character that had previously never been seen by audiences of the 1880s.Where as Stroker pointed out quite understandably who the evil demon was, Stevenson had a more suspenseful and unique style of only giving away the odd small ounce of information. I think that for his time Stevenson was quite ahead of the game with his cut Jekyll and Hyde. His attention to detail, whether it being about the atmosphere or how a man died was very unique for that time causing him to be famous for writing a novel like Jekyll and Hyde. Both the stories of Jekyll and Hyde and Dracula have certain similarities between them. Both writers pioneered in bending and breaking the rules of classic gothic horror stories.The more traditional of these two stories is Stokers Dracula. Set in a dark unfamiliar setting of Transylvania, where like most gothic stories in that respect happens to be darkness, fog, isolation and the super rude(a). Although both are very famous stories they differ in many ways. The story of Jekyll and Hyde is more to do with expressing different ways of really intensifying the readers, or viewers imagination. Where as Dracula is more to do with the traditional way of scaring people through super inse parable occurrences that happens in the story, but unlike Jekyll and Hyde, Dracula brings in more emotions.These emotions of lust and love are not present in Jekyll and Hyde, where as they are a report aspect in Dracula. Another key difference that appeared in Dracula was a motive. The motive of falling in love made this man wild and crazy. Where as it can be argued that Jekylls motive is more to do with scientific experiments rather then emotion. But others can say that Jekyll and Hyde really has no motive to cause all of this death and scurvy in the world, except for the fact that being in a high position could mean that you are suppressing your anger.This suppression is due to the fact that Jekylls reputation as a doctor depends vastly on the actions that he has committed. So when his suppressed anger is let out it takes the form of Hyde. Although count Dracula is also in the same high position, his anger is not suppressed meaning that his anger is let out in arguably healthy w ays. This reveals that there must be some kind of compromise between Jekylls lack of anger and Draculas excess of anger. Although in this case the writers seem to have different opinions on how to make the audience perceive their monsters, they both tried to deal with the same issues.The main law of similarity between Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde is that they try and reveal the anxieties of society at that time. They both tried to illustrate science going to far, in both of their novels. The ways in which both writers accomplish this are different but effective. The reasons for revealing anxieties, was not only to make the audience feel adrenaline but also to show them that such things were ridiculous to be afraid of. These two writers were not the only ones that tried to both revolutionize and be effective. As the signalmen was wrote.In the novel the Signalman Dickens describes the environment as having an earthy, deadly smell. This reveals us how like Stevensons book that there is a super natural aspect to the plot of land of the story and that this brings in a mysterious carriage into the story. Which leads the audience to ask what the super natural thing is. The product of this super naturalism is ambiguity. The effectiveness of ambiguity can be seen with in all three novels, as ambiguity is made to make the reader think and try to some sort of conclusion before the plot is revealed and all is clear.Another similarity between the characters in the play is that they are both conceived as short and hairy. This is to get the audience to count them having similarities to certain animals ape like fury. This may also illustrate another anxiety felt by society regarding people that were short, abnormal or hairy. Again this adds to the effectiveness and impact of each of the novels. covering us how a combination of characters, plot, ambiguity and anxiety leads to the effectiveness and appeal to the audience of that era and eras to come. Although anxietys and am biguity maybe one of the many techniques for effect.The one, which is predominant, is tension. The writers determinations are to use many different aspects of gothicness and expand on them, this is through with(p) so as to make audiences more vulnerable to the things around them it was as if one had left the natural world. All horror stories include tension so as to be affirmative that they can terrify and astound the audience in different and more realistic ways. All three novels have an essence of tension in them or else audiences may not of found them entertaining. The writers all include a sense of ambiguity, so to create the tension as much as possible.On top of this they all present characters, unlike any other previously experienced, all of which have mysteriousness about them. An example of this is the Signalman. indoors the Signalman the main character behaves in many paranormal ways. This suggests to the audience that he maybe suffering from either a problem regarding h is eye or a problem that causes him to hallucinate the appearance of specters. Also the characteristics that I character holds also adds to both the originality and effectiveness of that character in the novels. In the Signalman the main character is pictured as a wasted youth, student of natural philosophy .The effect of bringing new and previously unheard of characters, both astonishes the audience as well as adds to the originality of the horror story on the whole. A crucial aspect of every gothic novel is the questions left at the end. In the case of the Signalman a quote from Colridge revealed that it was unclear what to shut. I think that the unanswered questions add to the thought process that the audience must go through. This reveals how having unclear endings leads to the audience being more assertive in what to rule out and what not to.Overall the fact that the audience has to actively think adds to the creation of tension through ambiguity. To conclude I think that the writers were all trying to adjust peoples perception of what is scary and what is not. By making the plot and features of the novels vary they have accomplished in changing peoples views and expectation, both in society and from gothic novels. non only managing this they have also managed to ensure that a combination of features present in novels can lead to a book becoming effective.Whether from the characters or from the tension being built up via ambiguity and other devices used to build up tension. The effect of all of these is that it takes people to a place, which they rarely visit, that place being their fears. The purpose of such novels is to make people face up to their fears, which they previously havent experienced or havent encountered. This reveals what the writers intention were to take people out of their mundane lives and surprise and shock them with their horror novels.

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Prepare for a job interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

erect for a job interview - Essay grammatical caseIt is best to show up in business attire. Colors should be light and sightly. It is best to stretch out shades of white, black, blue and grey. The chance should not consume a heavy meal prior to interview, though a light snack is obviously recommendable. The candidate should try to assess the field specific questions he may be asked, and have answers ready for them. Also, the candidate should do a bit of research on the company (All Business, 2011). This practice raises the confidence level of the candidate. During interview, the candidate should try not to speak wrong close to a concept if the concept is unfamiliar. A sorry is better than saying something that does not make sense. The candidates confidence is extremely important for an interview, and that should be displayed anyway. Finally, the candidate should maintain a nice and decent tone throughout the interview. References All Business. (2011). Ten Tips on Preparing for a Job Interview. Retrieved from http// Pollick, M. (2010). How can I Prepare for a Job Interview? Retrieved from http//

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Andre Kertesz, Oskar Schlemmer and Herbert Bayer photo analysis Essay

Andre Kertesz, Oskar Schlemmer and Herbert Bayer photo analysis - set about ExampleThe essay Analysis of photos by Andre Kertesz, Oskar Schlemmer, Herbert Bayer explores black markets of famous photographers such as Andre Kertesz, Oskar Schlemmer, Herbert Bayer. The Bayers work was of seemingly a bloodless cement-like portion thats broken a focal point. The artificers self-portrait as both amputee dispenses and classical sculpture with the view of the unitary self or considered to take a stand against the phantasmagoric Aryan body obtained in Nazi art or mass culture in the mid-1930s. The duration in history of this particular picture is of the uneasy political climate and in one way or another affected the way in which artists such Herbert Bayer approached the human body. For instance, Herbert Bayer saturnine to Photomontage for subversive political impacts seen. To oppose psychic hygiene of the Fascist propaganda tool and the corporeal perfection, the artist unambiguously cr eated hybrid anatomies of arrangements that were animate, but just ambivalently so. Das Triadische Ballett popularly known as holds a preeminent emplacement in the totality of Oskar Schlemmers work. Oskar Schlemmer based his prototypical figures on the discoveries and deeper understanding accumulated during the undertaking and concept of the figurines for the ballet. Through keen analysis the work is based on symphonic dance. What is more interesting is how the artist conceived the three dancers two males and one female. The artistic work correlates with surrealists ideology that seeks to demolish contemporary community rules.