Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Filtering in Libraries and Schools Essay -- Education Technology Paper

Filtering in Libraries and SchoolsWe read about blocking some kinds of internet sites in public libraries and schools by exploitation filtering software. There are problems on how to define an obscene piece of material, the list of filtered sites is non available to user , restricting access of adults, not just children, and modify the lives of poor people who cannot afford PCs by filtering many sites. I think everyone agrees that we should protect children from harmful sites. However, it is difficult to make a restriction which is acceptable by all users. How should filtering systems changed ? There is an expression in the textbook that is concerning the right to seeporn in libraries(Basse, Sara p205). It seems silly because I think a library is not a place for pleasure but for study. However, filtering all sites with inappropriate materials for children is not a good idea because some people want to do question on breast cancer, sex, Nazism...etc. What can libraries do about this problem? In my opinion, rooms for adults...

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