Thursday, April 18, 2019

Managing Multi-disciplinary Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Managing Multi-disciplinary Teams - Essay ExampleBesides, the set goals should non only be practic every(prenominal)y realizable, but also in line with the relevant criteria and objectives governing the nameing of a particular(prenominal) organization.The most important task that calls for urgent attention in the management of a multi-disciplinary team is that all the members in that team should be sure about the specific roles assigned to them (Bacal, 2009). While allocating such roles, not only the abilities and aspirations of the specific employees ought to be taken into consideration, but no confusion should be left as to the allocation of responsibility and leadership pertaining to the specific tasks and roles. It is a common tendency amongst the teams to try to retain their obsolescent ways of working. However, the attainment of optimum efficiency and the successful achievement of the project goals require the teams to be flexile and adaptable (Bacal 2009).The campaign st udy under consideration brings to the light the need for setting clear-cut goals musical composition managing multi-disciplinary teams, but also looking into the job of sufficeance management through regular evaluation and feedback (Bacal 2008).The case study under consideration primarily involves a set of employees that includes two respiratory healers, an intern, an administrative staff member, and a supervising head managing the overall activities of the department.One of the respiratory therapists is relatively young and is of an enthusiastic and positive temperament. The other(a) therapist is quieter, mature, calibrated and much disciplined in his go on towards the work. The two therapists are expected to perform a whole range of duties like conducting an analysis of the issues at hand, conducting tests, assembling the equipment, and interacting with the patients and their family members. Being a therapist happens to be a stress intensive job and both the therapists tend to handle their jobs well in their own unique way. While the friendly nature of the younger therapist makes the patients feel at ease, the correspondence and confidence of the older therapist leaves his patients calm and reassured. Despite their conducting periodical meetings, the relationship amongst the two therapists is pronounced by high conflict and disagreement, owing to the large scale and considerable differences in their approaches and ideas towards their work. The differences existing between these two therapists certainly need some astute conflict management (Farmer, 2009).The older therapists approach towards ones work is very conservative while the younger therapist is more adventurous and spontaneous in his approach and wants to incorporate new challenges and issues in the organizational list of priorities. A conflict of opinion in the theatre of operations of organizational priorities often has the potential to affect efficiency and productivity (Kerina, 2009). Whi le the older therapist intends to be fixed and obstinate in his adherence to safety procedures, his younger counterpart believes in taking chances and to react according to the situation at hand. This environment of high conflict is negatively influencing the working of other therapists at bottom the organization.

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