Thursday, December 7, 2017

'Overview of Matsuba Japanese Restaurant'

'1.0 access to Report\nThe Masuba Nipponese Restaurant is determined at the moneymaking(prenominal) block of Taylors lakeside Campus commercialized block. The Matsuba Nipponese eating house is the only eating place that publicize elemental on Japanese regimen in the campus. Therefore, the purpose of this composition is to moot how the eating places operate, solve issues face by the restaurant to make better the quality of their helper and also study the background of the restaurant.\nIn this air relationship contains the countersign about the exploit of Matsuba Japanese Restaurant. Moreover, the subject will discuss the problems and provide solutions regarding to the problems faced. The objectives of this report are to relieve oneself additional solutions to the problems faced by the restaurant owner and how to upgrade improve the daub and also the restaurant.\n\n2.0 The Matsuba Japanese Restaurant\n2.1 adit\nThe firstborn Matsuba restaurant was set up 16 eld is to introduce Japanese food to Malaysia with the important purpose of earning profits. The Matsuba Japanese restaurant in the Taylors lakeside Campus was set up in 2012 to promote and introduce Japanese food to the supply and students in the Taylors lakeside campus. Moreover, the function of the restaurant is to allot Japanese food at a reasonable price.\n\n2.2 range of the company\nThe Matsuba Japanese restaurant was founded by the br opposite in integrity of Ms Ann which is the current motorbus of the Matsuba restaurant in Taylors Lakeside Campus. The restaurant starts up as a partnership business with the sidekick in law and a relative of Ms Ann. The restaurant begins their first operation 16 yrs past in the year 1998 on their chief(prenominal) subdivision at Sri Hartamas in Kuala Selangor. The restaurant has two other outlets, one is situated in Selayang in Kuala Selangor and the newest outlet which open(a) up on year2012 located at Taylors Lakeside Ca mpus. Currently, the main branch is managed by the brother in law of Ms Ann which is the mai... '

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