Wednesday, December 12, 2018

'Comparison of Past and Present Students Essay\r'

'I. entrance People often remark how different the students of instantly be to those in the past. Each generation consumption up that those who come after them argon getting worse, time those who came originally them atomic number 18 much better than they were when they were students. argon students really all that different â€Å"at once” than they were â€Å" onward”? It’s been said that with each batch, with every generation, students be loosen uply degrading, that you could count with your fingers, those student who truly excel nowadays. It is a very common proclamation that green people now atomic number 18 disrespectful, unmotivated and without difficulty solving ability. Most people say that â€Å"compared to when we were in high school” the students are very different, incompetent. This is a common perception today, from non t from each oneers and teachers alike, but is this true?\r\nII. circumstance Of course, each generation is different; engineering and floriculture stir forces us to think back and act differently, use different tools. The ontogenesis in universe and political relation also conduct to the differences between the students of the past and present. right technology, computer and other gadgets like cell phones and scientific calculator enabled the students do their task quicker and easier, tools that foster them to be more efficient. In the past students had to hand drop a line or use a typewriter for their reports, one mistake and you’ll build to repeat it.\r\nNow with computer, to matter how many an(prenominal) mistake you make with your grammar and spelling the computer exit detect your errors so you croup make corrections before printing. With computers, you can edit reports or write additional data without doing it over again. Solving numeral problem became easier too, with the use of calculators. Students in the past sire to manually calculate before arriving wi th the answer, now with fitting pushing a few buttons, you’ll get the answer. angiotensin converting enzyme can find and d throwload anything that is needed in the internet, without sifting through pages and volumes of books in the library. The printed books are about phase-out as students now prefer ebooks they can assume using their cell phones and tablets.\r\nThere are divers(a) mode of transportation, to take students from one place to other faster. Even the method of teaching had change with technology; PowerPoint presentations are often utilise, and there are nevertheless subjects where students learn about information technology and computers. As a result students of the present flow to be lazy and arrogant, and most of the time the equipments technology brings are taken for granted, and are used for fun and games. Then, they cave in to go without these gadgets, so students then needed to be precise, not make errors. They learned to concentrate, to go slow b ut sure not to make mistakes.\r\nThey are more organized and had more focus on whatever task they are doing. Our culture is constantly changing as we continue to grow, being beguile by other culture and with the advancement of technology. We are becoming more materialistic, values and social norms changed brought by the influence we see on televisions or by surfing the internet. Because of these changes it is only natural to observe a difference on the behavior and attitudes of today’s students from students of yesteryears. In the past students are more respectful, industrious, punctual and obedient. Girls are demure and boys gallant; public show of affection is not allowed; teachers are more unyielding and can use corporal punishment on those who misbehave.\r\nThe presentation of oneself is very important, having a suitable hairstyle and wearying the proper uniform or appropriate trick out is rigidly observed. Today’s student think that they are superior to their teachers as they think they can learn everything they need to know from the internet; they are lacking in their attention span and tend to be irresponsible; having a weird hairstyle and adding needless accessories to their uniform is perceived as being cool. Now it is almost a requirement to have the modish gadgets, fashionable clothes and a boyfriend/ young lady to be accepted in a clique, to belong. The enlarge in population and politics also be a part in making a difference between the students today from students who came before them.\r\nThen, there are a lot less students and the teacher can pay closer attention to each of them. But with the increase of population more schools are being established especially for those places like in the rural area where the school is so out-of-the-way(prenominal) away a student has to travel some(prenominal) miles just to go to school. When the people in the governing of brass section like DepEd and Ched, changes are bound to happen. In the past decade the curriculum is changed several quantify when the people in the administration changed, teachers and students alike make up had to a new curriculum before they were used to the previous one. Politicians are also known for offer provisions that could affect the education system of our boorish; K to 12 is an example.\r\nIII. Summary Students of the present for the most part differ from students in the past, from the way they think, act and with the tools that they use. Their motivation, organization and efficiency have also changed. Technology, culture change, increase in population and politics all contribute in making these differences. Technology provides the new tools and gadget that students enjoy today. When culture changes the social norms and values also change, in turn there would be an diversity in the behavior and attitudes of the students, our youth. The increase in population and politics create circumstances such as different education system a nd curriculum, where teachers and students alike have no choice but to make adjustments.\r\nIV. deduction Change is inevitable with the passage of time, changes that are caused by different things. Students and teacher alike have to aline to these changes, it can make a task more efficient, it can make learning more evoke or it can become a distraction. The change affects the motivation and attitude of the students. It must be considered before a comparison is made that every batch, every generation have their own way, leave their own marks, it would be unfair to say that students today are becoming worse for they are only responding to the situations created by these changes.\r\n'

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