Monday, January 21, 2019

Styal Mill Coursework Notes

Course sketch factors Finally he unflinching on Styal, a small hamlet north of Wilmslow. Styal is located pen up to Manchester, the Bridge peeing canal is only 8 miles away and the filth was big enough. One of the important reasons Greg chose the localize is because of the transport links. The bridge water canal would provide easy shipping of cotton wool near to the mill, indeed the last few miles would have to be done by gymnastic horse and cart. Manchester is scraggy to Styal, this is smashing because Manchester was one of the biggest industrial cities and this would provide Greg with workers and raw materials.Liverpool is comparatively close to Styal. Geographical factors in like manner played a part in the choosing of the Styal location because on that lay the river Bolin flowed through. Greg used the river Bolin as a origin source for his mill and the machinery. Arkwrites water frame was invented to use the water to thrusting the wheel and drive lots of cogs and shaf ts that made the machinery run. Another factor is the take was cheap. This is because the land was infertile and wasnt very good for out-of-the-way(prenominal)ming crops, so Greg got a good deal cheap land with an added bonus, the river Bolin.Also the land was a good environment for cotton making because it had a damp atmosphere this helps the cotton to not break as its be spun. Another factor was workers. Styal was close to many towns and cities. The main one was Manchester. Greg could employ workers from workhouses in Manchester to come and work in his mill. This was easy because Manchester was very close. Greg could also employ people from Liverpool for the identical reasons. Also Greg employed a few people from as far as London also. Another factor was money. Greg came into a lot of money, ? 800. Samuel Greg chose the site for Quarry Bank wedge because It was near a river.The machines were powered by water and Samuel Greg required a lot of water. Water power is a cheap, reliable, fast flowing and easy source of getting power. Water was also needed to give to the workers to drink and put into the food. -There was a lot of land in the countryside. The more than land Samuel Greg had, the bigger his factory could be and the more machines he could have. Samuel Greg got investors to pay towards him buying the land, as well as the abundant amount of money he already had. The land he did pick was cheap anyway so not many investors were needed. -With the land being in the countryside, there was a lot of soil to grow crops in.The crops that were bad were given to the workers to eat at meal times. -Quarry Bank Mill was quite a close to the main destinations Liverpool and Manchester. This was probably so that goods could travel to both of the destinations at the same amount of time. Lots of the cotton that Quarry Bank Mill produced was taken to the main destinations as cotton was popular there and could comfortably be sold for the price Samuel Greg want ed. Liverpool gave Quarry bank Mill the materials it needed to make cotton and Manchester sold the cotton. Transport like canals factor

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