Friday, November 1, 2019

The Concept of Alien Life on Other Planets Essay

The Concept of Alien Life on Other Planets - Essay Example I am sure people have had some pre-conceived notions of life on other planets from news reports, movies like E.T., Aliens, or Men in Black. I, too, believe that aliens do exist. According to an article on NASA, â€Å"the US space agency has spoken for the first time in life on other planets and they are certain it DOES exist†. From the exploration of the universe and planets using highly sophisticated probes and technology, scientists have begun to discover signs that life on other planets is indeed possible to exist. One of the chief scientists at NASA, Ellen Stofan, was reported to have quipped that â€Å"humanity is on the verge of discovering alien life† (Wall 1). A remarkable sign that was discovered and documented was the presence of water. As asserted, â€Å"where there’s water, there’s hope†. In addition, there were proofs of a dragon particle which allegedly evidently showed that biological entities from outer space originated from other pl anets. The current technology enhanced capabilities for proving and discovering signs for life to exist on other planets. What is more remarkable is that the information is immediately shared with a wide range of audience through the online medium. As such, readers are accorded, not only with the most appraised information from NASA but more importantly, photos and proofs of potential life existence have also been documented and shared. I am not surprised that anytime soon in the near future, the concept of alien life on other planets would truly be confirmed.

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