Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Remake of the Horror Movie Texas Chainsaw Essay

The Remake of the Horror Movie Texas Chainsaw - Essay Example Every moment of the film from the camera, to the creak woodwork, to the glance of the eyes that permeates within the chilling feel of dread is truly amazing, and it gives a remarkable piece of filmmaking. I went to the cinema overrating the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The approach in the remake is great since it captures the existence of its predecessor, it also presumes to usurp the original title of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and claims to be bigger and more superior than the previous version that was done by Tobe Hooper (Evan, 32). The screenplay is not lifted in any way to throw in some new groove as the filmmakers claimed and put what they say into action. For once, they were not kidding. This film says that it knows what the audience is expecting and it is going to give just that. However, I will not talk about what made it great in version that is watered-down. The only thing I am doing is giving something new that takes the basic storyline of the original version then draws the inspiration from its creepy screenplay. The nod of the original version comes into play in the opening moment of the movie. John Larroquette gives a narration that is much similar to the one in Tobe Hooper's version. The only notable change is that in the remake the narration is far more complex since it is done using some digitally decayed-looking super 8 film stock (Evan, 10). When the film starts in a van with kids who are much familiar to 1973, it takes us back to the original version. The usual suspects Andy and his narcissistic boy antiques are constantly making out with the free hippie Pepper, Morgan is the stand-in for the original’s wheelchair-bound Franklin. In addition to walking on his own, he is a bit acidic and not as naive. Burns, good Erin who does not drink or do drugs, play the new version of Marilyn. She wants to get married to his boyfriend Kemper.

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